Laura is twenty six. Lives in Minneapolis, MN in an apartment with her cat Matilda. She has a degree in Nutrition and works in the food industry. She has a strong passion for cooking and is now dipping her paintbrush into the world of natural medicine. Office manager by day, cook and research junkie by night, she is teaming up with her friend and confidant, Danielle, to provide you with a front row seat into their discoveries. 


Danielle is also twenty six. She lives outside Atlanta with her husband Ben and her puppy Lucy. She cooks everyday. She is also exploring the vast world of natural living including frequently visiting local farmers markets and spending hours with her nose in a book reading and discovering new ideas. If you went searching you will find her with her husband foraging around the woods looking for herbs and greens for her latest recipes. She has been fielding questions everyday about the universe of wholistics and is ready to provide some solid resources through the world wide web.
To learn more about Danielle you can read her husband interview her.



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