Wednesday, October 22, 2014

St. Augustine, FL

Hi Readers! This is Part 3 of our travel adventures. I love recommending places to others while they're traveling. It's hard to know where to eat, and especially where you can find good, organic food while you're traveling. Thankfully, my husband is a pro. We definitely found some favorites this past summer. Have you guys heard about St. Augustine, FL? Ben and I hadn't heard much about it at all until we went and visited this summer. We had gone to another part of Florida for a conference and when we had a few open nights while we were there we decided to go to St. Augustine. I was honestly pretty surprised. The town was so adorable, so cute, and so much fun. I kept wondering why I had never heard of it before! I mean I had heard of the name, but I hadn't heard anything about the town itself and we only live about 6 hours away. Ben and I were pleasantly surprised. We hadn't planned on going to St. Augustine before our trip so we hadn't scouted out all of the organic, local restaurants before we went. We usually do that when we are going to visit a city. However, it was very easy to walk around discovering everything as we went. The town sort of felt similar to New Orleans. It just isn't as big and maybe not as crazy as New Orleans, but something about the feel and even architecture reminded me of New Orleans. It looked like a smaller version of New Orleans to me. I loved walking down the Matanzas river to see the Fort Matanzas. I'm not usually one to be interested in history, which isn't my most impressive quality, but I definitely loved learning about their history and seeing Fort Matanzas.

As Ben and I were driving into their downtown area we saw so many cute little shops that we wanted to go into. We did a quick look of the restaurants in the area on Urbanspoon under the St. Augustine Organic tab. We have found a lot of fun places on Urbanspoon under their organic tags. We decided on this little organic Mexican Restaurant, the Casa Maya. They source a lot of their ingredients from local, organic purveyors. When they can't get them local they source from other organic farms in the US. Their food was delicious!! Being that St. Augustine is such a small town, I didn't think that we would be able to find local, organic, and good restaurants there. However, Casa Maya fit all three of those caveats perfectly. It was so delicious that we went back the next day for Sangrias and lunch! I loved their atmosphere as well. This would be one of the first places we would go if we were to return to St. Augustine. I'm craving their food as I sit here and write about our visit!

Another place we went was The Hyppo for "gourmet pops." Now being that we live near Atlanta, we are pretty snobby when it comes to the whole popsicle scene. 

We love getting our King of Pops popsicles whenever we have the chance, and they're pretty hard to beat. However, we saw the sign from outside and the bright colors inside and we decided to check them out. We were so glad that we did!

Not only do the popsicles taste just as good as King of Pops, they also source their ingredients from local farmers. "Fresh fruit matters!" as they say! They pride themselves on their quality ingredients-- no gmo's, no hormones in their dairy products, and no artificial colorings. That's amazing!! They have a lot of dairy-free options as well. They use fresh herbs, spices, and of course fresh fruit and that makes for a wide variety of flavors to choose from. We bought quite a few different ones-- I mean we had to taste them, right?! They even gave an option to dip them in chocolate-- the chocolate was dark chocolate and coconut. I dipped my Avocado Coconut Pop in chocolate. To die for!

We chatted with the manager for a little while and heard about the vision of The Hyppo and about their shoppe. Come to find out, King of Pops was a guiding factor in how they modeled their store and popsicles. The manager had also moved from St. Augustine from Atlanta. It was a fun little connection to make. They also have a little cafe where you can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We didn't get a chance to go to their cafe, but we did go back the next day for more pops!

The restaurant scene was super cute in St. Augustine. We went to a few other little places, that I loved including Cousteau's Waffle and Milkshake Bar-- so cute and so delicious! Other than eating, we walked around to all of the cute little shops their. We found one that I wish I could remember the name of! It was very Anthropologie-esque, only smaller and with more true vintage items. They had pages of books blown up and framed such as the one above. I loved that idea! 

All in all, our little trip to St. Augustine was so much fun. We loved the history of the town and their culture. We would definitely go back and would even considering taking our future kids back one day. 

Have you guys ever been to St. Augustine? Did you love it? What were your favorite places? 

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