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Spice to Table + Atlanta, Ga.

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This is sort of Part II of Local Eats and Summer Finds. I wrote about 30A in Florida last week. This is more of our Travel Editions here on our blog. ;) Do any of you have any food that every so often you just crave and have to have?! I'm not talking about potato chips or chocolate, but more so a genre of food that once you get a craving for said food you non-stop think about it until you put it in your mouth. For me, that food would be Indian food. Whenever I ask my husband to guess what kind of food I'm craving, he always knows it's Indian food. I don't know what it is, but indian food is such comfort food to me. I feel like I'm eating a bowl of stew at my grandmother's kitchen table, but just with a very different and unique flavor profile. I love that it is often laden with fresh spices and herbs making it extra nutritious. I love that the taste and health benefits are both enhanced and increased in their style of cooking. Indian food definitely so comforting as well. My husband and I are friends with friends of the chef Asha Gomez and we had been hearing about her new Indian patisserie, Spice to Table, for a little while. 

Picture from Asha Gomez's lovely instagram
Let me describe to you our experience at Spice to Table. We pulled up to the restaurant and by the looks of the outside, I thought that the inside would be somewhat sterile and plain. However, as soon as we stepped foot inside there was a very alluring, enticing feel to it that drew us in and made me forget I was in metro-capital of Atlanta. I honestly felt like I had walked into someone's house, not restaurant. We later chatted with Asha Gomez and learned that was intentional and purposed, but for us it was a new feeling walking into an eatery and feeling so at home

Picture from Asha Gomez's Instagram
We walked up to the lovely counter where all of the daily food is arrayed and displayed. I can't tell you how much I loved being able to see the food before I ordered. I often have trouble deciding what to order and wish that I could just see the different dishes before I pick. I loved that I was able to do so. It also sort of felt like a feast or brunch with friends, passing around big platters and bowls full of delicious, colorful food. We weren't passing around the platters, but the feel was still the same. We had trouble deciding what to order as everything looked so beautiful. When we asked Asha what her favorite dish was that day she told us about a few of her different dishes including her braised beef dishes and curried chicken. She mentioned that in the region of India where she is from the climate is very hot, and they often have cooler side dishes such as the yogurt rice below in an effort to cool down. I could have listened to her talk about food for hours!

Picture From: Asha Gomez's Instagram

Ben ordered curried chicken with yogurt rice (pictured above) and I decided to order the vegetarian option for the daily which consisted of homemade Naan, chickpea curry, a potato cake, and creme fraiche (pictured below). There was also a large pitcher full of Carrot + Ginger juice next to the food and we decided to try some of that as well. Although everything that we tasted we loved, the fresh carrot + ginger juice turned out to be the best decision of our day!  My husband and I have talked about this juice non-stop since we had it. We are definitely going to try recreating this juice at home and add it to our regular juicing routine.

Picture from my iPhone
My husband and I sat in her beautiful space sighing over and over again, commenting on how amazing the flavors were. She makes all of her breads in house and the Naan was particularly delicious. I loved the texture and flavor. All of her food was perfectly balanced and yet so flavorful. I could taste the spices along with fresh herbs. It was perfection. We felt so at home sitting at the table with fresh flowers and cookbooks layered on all of the tables for guests to browse. I can't say we looked at any of the cookbooks, because we were busy obsessing over her food! 

Picture taken from Asha Gomez's instagram

We went up and thanked her at the end of the meal and she was so sweet. She mentioned that she loves her new patisserie because it makes her feel like she is having guests over to her home for a meal. I'm sure it goes without saying, but we will definitely be back. It felt like a meal-- an actual experience of eating slow-simmered food flavored with spices and herbs around a beautiful table. It felt like being at someone's home, except for the fact that none of my friends' food tastes quite as good!! ;) 

P.S. You can see Atlanta Eater's full coverage of Spice to Table here

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