Friday, October 3, 2014

Baked Butternut Squash French Fries


Well, it's officially fall! Every single year I can't wait for this time of the year. I can't wait for that first cool day where the breeze changes and you can tell fall is coming! For most of my life Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday and I've always loved the season leading up to it. I get so excited for pumpkin everything! However, this year... this year for the first time in my entire life existence I did not want summer to end. I was actually sad fall was coming since it would be the end of summer! I don't ever remember feeling that way in my entire life. I even told my husband that I was very worried because I wasn't dying for fall to come fast and usually I am. I told him that I didn't want gazpacho and fresh black krim tomato sauce season to be over!  and season?! I barely had time to make those this summer it feels like! I am going to miss trips to the beach with my family and I feel like I just started learning how to can and preserve and started loving it. For whatever reason, it wasn't until we were driving from San Diego to Los Angeles this weekend and I caught a glimpse of a huge field of pumpkins growing right across from the ocean that I even had my first moment of being excited for fall. The gorgeous blue ocean was on my left and this beautiful field of pumpkins was on my right. It looked like a seen straight out of Southern Living Magazine, until I remembered the Ocean doesn't appear in any Southern landscapes so it probably wouldn't appear in Southern Living Magazine either! ;) Once I saw that field of pumpkins I got excited for the first time that fall was approaching. Today I got my second glimpse of fall happiness when I had a butternut squash salad for breakfast. I forgot how much I love butternut squash! I always cook and eat in season and this is definitely the season for all things butternut squash. I love making soups out of it, salads, roasting it, pureeing it for "mashed" cinnamon and spice butternut squash, making enchiladas with it, and best of all making butternut squash french fries. To me they're even more flavorful than regular potato french fries! I've been waiting to share this recipe with you readers. I took these pictures a while ago, but I wanted to wait until it was the season for it. Now that it is officially the season, I am so excited to share this recipe with you. These fries are SO yummy. They're also easy and you get so much nutrition out of these little fries. I made these a while back when we were eating vegan. I still make a lots of vegan recipes that we have come to love, even though we do eat some grass-fed meat now. I've made these as a side, and I've also made these for lunch one day! I mean they are full of nutrition! They're so simple and they taste like french fries!

P.S. Did you know that butternut squash used to be known as the vegetable for fertility? The American Indians used to believe that the seeds increased fertility! One cup of cooked butternut squash has 457% of your daily vitamin A-- which is responsible for your immune system! It's an amazing source of magnesium and fiber too which is responsible for a healthy gut and balanced hormones! We all need that! 

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1 butternut squash
Oil (I used organic EVOO, but coconut oil is very yummy with this as well. You could warm up the coconut oil beforehand using this easy method and it would work great.)

-Preheat your oven to 415F.
-Peel off skin. Depending on the squash you have, it might be easier to use a potato/vegetable peeler. One time that was giving me a hard time so I just used a pairing knife and cut off the skin. However, most of the time I just use my vegetable peeler. 
-Cut in half and then take out the pulp and seeds. 
-After you have peeled the skin, cut your squash in french fry shapes. I like mine kind of skinny and long, but you can do whatever you choose. Just try to make them as uniform as you can.


After they are cut, put them in either a bowl or a tupperware with a lid (I use the tupperware). Coat them in oil, sprinkle in some salt, close the lid, and SHAKE! You could listen to the Harlem Shake during this part and dance? Just kidding. ;) 


After they are coated with oil and seasoned, lay them out on a wire rack on top of a baking sheet. Sprinkle a little more salt on top.


Then bake them for 30 minutes, turning them over half way through. Check to see if they are crispy on the edges and soft in the center, if not, cook longer.

**If your fries are cooked well, but they're not crispy, then take the wire rack out of the baking pan and place the fries straight into the baking pan (not overlapping each other). Let them bake like that for a few minutes just flat on the baking sheet, and they will be sure to have a nice yummy crunch. 

Also, they will crisp more as they cool.



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