Monday, October 13, 2014

Alys Beach + Rosemary Beach + Seaside, Florida EATS

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So, we not only give natural remedies on our blog, and recipes, but we also love to highlight various places that we go. It can be trying to be a healthy eater and person while traveling often. So, today I wanted to write a little bit about traveling to the beach this summer and what I ate there. I know that I've wrote about Seaside, Fl before. I wrote about it when I posted my all-natural, diy, sunburn relief that has been popular on the blog and if you follow me on instagram you've seen pictures. Even though I've mentioned that we have been to Seaside before I've never quite talked about all of our favorite spots there. Before Ben and I go anywhere we always try to scout out the organic or local restaurants in the area. If you haven't been to a city before it's hard to know where to go and what to do. Thankfully, we live in a day and age where the internet makes that a lot easier to deal with. People write blog posts (such as this one) and reviews these days offering a lot of suggestions of what to do and where to go. When Ben and I first went to Seaside last year it was a very last minute decision to go. If I remember correctly we were only there for two nights as well. We didn't have any time to look at restaurants beforehand. Thankfully, Seaside is pretty self-explanatory and you can pretty much walk and bike most places. I hadn't been to Seaside for years, since I was a little girl to be exact. Even though Seaside has become so much more popular since I was little, the charm and quaintness is exactly the same. Seaside is only about 30 minutes from Destin, FL, but it feels like a totally different world in my opinion. It's such a beautiful little place full of charm and character. It's very family-oriented and not as "crazy" as some of the other beach towns. The beach is pristine and so is the town. Everything looks like a page out of a magazine. I have been many places before and there is something about Seaside that makes it one of my top five favorite places that I have ever been. I just feel so relaxed there. There aren't many places that beckon me to really and truly relax in that type of way. I'm not sure if it's all of the natural Vitamin D I get from the sun or just the beauty of the town. I also love that I can get local, organic food there. I wanted to share with you a few of our favorites. 

Seaside Farmer's Market: 
As you guys know, I try to go to a farmer's market in every city that I visit. I wrote about some that we went to in San Diego a while ago. I love farmer's markets and this one in Seaside is adorable. 
My husband and I rode our bikes from the house to the farmer's market. It was so idyllic and romantic! It was romantic until we were riding back home with our green juices in our hands and I somehow fell and my bike fell on ben's bike and he crashed into the bushes and the green juice fell on top of us both. Haha! It was still really fun. 
The market was laden with beautiful fruits and vegetables and all kinds of local goods. One of my favorite artisans and farms was Twin Oaks Farm, pictured in the two pictures above. The owner is from Switzerland and she makes some of the best preserves I've ever tasted in my life. I brought a jar of Strawberry and Fig jam home to my grandmother and she loved it so much that she ordered two more jars when she finished that one. She also makes vinegars, hot chocolate mixes, and sells salts, Florida Organic Rice and Florida Organic Pecans. She is amazing and so is all of her food! We had the privilege of being able to go to her farm and volunteer for a day, and I will write about that sometime soon. 
The pastries were to die for as well!

Seaside Food Trucks:
Seaside has the most adorable food truck scene that I've ever scene in my life. Every food truck has to be an Airstream trailer and look the same as the rest. Food trucks are becoming quite a common (maybe ever overdone?!) thing in our day and age. However, Seaside food trucks do not feel overdone or boring in the least. 
One of our favorite food trucks is the Raw & Juicy fresh juice and lunch truck. They juice freshly made raw juices in front of you. They also do green smoothies and a few different lunch and snack options. Everything they make is raw. They also use local and organic ingredients. I love getting their zippy hula and pina verde juice, as well as their Almond Love smoothie-- it tastes like a milkshake it's so good!

Bud & Alley's: 
Bud & Alley's is such a fun place. They have a roof top bar that overlooks the beach, a pizza bar, and a taco bar. I've only ever eaten at the pizza bar and it was delicious. The roof top bar always has music playing and people dancing. The view could not be more gorgeous. I definitely want to eat at the roof top bar when I go back! 

Alys Beach: 
Alys Beach is gorgeous. Most of the houses are white and it makes the town look like it comes straight out of a magazine.  A lot of celebrities and athletes live there. My favorite restaurant in Alys Beach is George's. They have many accolades and they deserve every one of them. Their ingredients are very high-quality and sourced from local places. Their food tastes fresh and delicious. George's is a little more fancy, so it's definitely for "dress-up" night. I recommended George's to my cousin when they went to Rosemary Beach for their anniversary and they loved it! I can't imagine anyone not loving it. I had the scallops with their freshly made ravioli, and I'm still thinking about that dish today. 

Rosemary Beach: 
Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach, and Seaside are all right next to each other. While Alys beach is in the middle of the two, I would say the distance between Seaside and Rosemary beach would be 20-30 minutes? Don't quote me on that. The drive between the two is right on the coast through their quaint neighborhoods. Rosemary Beach is a cute little town. 
A favorite attraction in Rosemary is The Pearl, pictured above. . It's a chic boutique hotel with a lovely restaurant that overlooks the beach. Rosemary Beach also has really unique shops to walk through. One of my favorites is Moonpize. My Aunt Donna sells her beautiful paintings that you can see below at Moonpize's

We had an amazing time at Seaside, Fl. I told Ben that any time I get to go there I feel like it's a dream come true for me. Really. I would rather go to Seaside, Fl over Disney any day of the year! I will have to post another time about our picnic on the beach there and how to plan for that. In the meantime, I'll miss what the salty water does to my hair and how I don't have to even fix it while I'm there! 

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