Monday, September 1, 2014

Nutrition 101 Redefined

Hi Readers! How were your weekends? By the time you guys read this I'll be swimming in the ocean at the beach with my family. As for today, I'm just sitting down after a busy day of running errands, being on the phone, getting stuff done, picking things up, etc. If I think about my day today alone I'm freshly aware of how little time and even space we humans make for listening to our bodies. I'm not even sure it's something we know that we all need. A while ago Laura and I were texting back and forth about potential future blog topics and we were throwing ideas back and forth. The subject of paleo, GAPS, vegan, gluten-free "diets" came up and I guess it struck a cord in me just within our text message conversation. I started texting Laura about how although I totally support friends who are eating in certain ways, for me I stay away from "diets." (I use the word diet loosely, and mostly for lack of a better word) Although I know that some of the guidelines in those ways of eating would make me feel better, I don't like adhering to a particular way over others. For me, I like to listen to my own body to tell me exactly what kind of "diet" my body was made to follow. In listening to my body and giving myself the space to listen and be, I can learn pretty easily what makes me feel good and what doesn't. I can learn pretty quickly how I particularly was wired and created to live and what would set me up for optimum wellness. You see I think there are definite benefits to adhering to certain ways of eating such as paleo, gluten free, etc. While I can't and won't argue against the obvious benefits of that, I want to argue for listening to our own bodies. So many people in this day and age don't have or make the time to listen to their own bodies. In some ways it's easiest to just eat a certain particular way because there's no thinking involved, it's just adhering to the said guidelines. I definitely don't advocate being consumed or thinking too much about what we are eating and what we aren't. I advocate creating time and space in our lives that allow us to be and to listen to the cues that our body is trying to tell us and allow our own bodies to tell us what foods we should eat and which ones we shouldn't. Every person and every single human body is different. One diet may work for you, but I may be allergic to the main ingredient in that particular diet and that way of eating may not fit my body. Obviously there are some ingredients that are not good for anyone (ahem, high fructose corn syrup!). I'm saying this with the foundation of those things not being a part of this discussion. There are some ingredients and foods that I believe should be off-limits to everyone! I don't eat meat or dairy that is not hormone free. I don't eat fish that's farm-raised. I would never go near artificial sweeteners-- i.e. diet soft drinks. There are some things that are just off-limits completely. In some countries some of the most common ingredients that we consume in America are illegal due to their health risks and dangers. I digress on that, but my point is this: coming from the standpoint that some ingredients are totally off limits, I believe we should allow our own bodies to dictate what we consume and what we don't and learning our own bodies takes time and space. That time and space is something we must create for ourselves, no matter what is happening in our life, because time and space doesn't create itself.

Listening to our bodies and creating that space definitely takes a little thought.  If I want my body to talk to me and to tell me how to heal itself than I have to create the space in my life to allow it to speak. I operate under the whole premise that God created my body to work well. If He created it to work well, then He created it to be able to heal itself and work towards wellness. I believe our body knows how to heal itself even when life happens and I get sick. Just in the same way that I believe it works towards optimum health and wellness on a daily basis. I don't allow it to do it's amazing job when I don't give myself the time and space to be. Today, I've had a busy day where stress was apparent and just there. In this day and age we live in the most "convenient" time where meals are at our finger tips, the internet speeds up everything on earth, and everything is very fast paced. Even though it's one of the most "convenient times" we have the least amount of times to let ourselves be. I get that. Today alone I was running around from place to place getting stuff done that had to be done. We can't escape that. Yet, we will always have a to do list and mouth(s) to feed and places to be. Despite that we must give ourselves time to listen. If we want to be truly well and live whole, healthy, and well lives then we need that time to listen to our bodies. I knew that as soon as I got home today I needed to have some time on my porch to just be-- not even to read although I do love doing that daily, not even to write this post, or check my phone. I had a thousand things that "needed" attending, but I just sat for minutes. I listened to the bugs, I looked at the trees, I prayed. I gave myself some space. I did end up calling my grandmother a little while later, because I love talking to my grandmother and it's one of my favorite parts of my day (yes, I talk to her just about everyday). The point is that I just took some time to be. I know for certain at this point in my life that I need to give my body space.

This week is devoted to talking about my own process of listening to my body and learning what that looks like. Unfortunately, no one teaches classes on that in school or college! How different would our lives be if "Nutrition 101" wasn't a generalized list of do's and don'ts, but an exploration of how we can explore our own health and wellness and learn how to listen to our body's cues. 

So, Hi my name is Danielle! Welcome to my class, Listening to our Bodies 101. I'm excited you will be joining me this week! Thanks for coming and please come back! ;) 

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