Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Hero in Health and Wellness

I started talking about exercising on Monday and I wanted to write this follow up post today. Today I was having a craniosacral session and during the session I was thinking about how my entire being is getting stronger. I've been on a little journey of healing and wellness and that often starts in our minds and in our thoughts. For me it has. I realized today that I've gotten stronger emotionally and mentally and my entire being has become more whole as I've been on this path. So often people start with exercising to become healthy and strong, and for me exercising is the last piece of the puzzle. I knew instinctively that our wellness really takes place first and foremost in our minds and in our hearts. It's our thoughts and how we view ourselves and how we were made and what our purpose is that really determines how "healthy" we are-- not how long you work out in a gym and how many calories you eat. As I was thinking today about the path I've been on to heal my mind, heart, and soul I began to think about how I've long forsaken my physical body and it's need for strength as well. Freedom has started to come in my mind and thoughts and I want my physical body to be able to "keep up" sort of speak. I want my physical body to match the strength that my mind has been developing. Just as I've worked towards freedom and no guilt and true peace on the inside of my body, I want to work toward strengthening my physical body as well. I want my physical body to be able to match the freedom and strength that I've gained in my mind so that my whole body can be in rhythm towards growth, healing, and strength. That's where exercising comes in, but I hate to even use that term, because it doesn't seem to describe the same type of exercising I want to take part in.  

I really think my dad is a great example of all of this because he knows the correlation between strengthening our minds and our bodies. He began exercising at a really traumatic part of our family's life in order to get through that time well and not just to survive. He knew his mind needed to be strong and he needed to develop those "spiritual mind muscles" and he also knew that his physical body needed to be strong as well. So, he started running and he hasn't ever stopped really. He has done Ironman triathlons and many different races and marathons. He often gets first or second in his age group and he has even had a few injuries (which honestly makes me wish he would stop some of the riskier training he does!!) from all of the activities. I honestly feel as if my dad is such an example to me in this area though-- not that I will ever compete as much as he does! I can't say I will never do an Ironman, because maybe I will! But I doubt I will ever compete as frequently as he does. Yet, my dad really has used physical exercising as a way to strengthen his body to get through trials in life and to get through them well

All of us can just let life happen to us, be we seldom realize that we have a choice in how we respond and in what we make of our lives. My dad realized that and at a really crucial point in all of our lives. He has been through a lot and out of most people I know he has reason to complain and his life could very well look a wreck. However, it doesn't and he never complains. He says he wakes up every morning and gives God praises and he goes through his life like this. He didn't just let the bad in life happen to him-- he made choices every single day about what kind of life he would build and have. He decided to pursue wellness and becoming healthy and it's made a huge difference in all of us! I seriously cannot imagine where my life would be if he had not chosen that path. I am grateful he chose that for himself, because his health emotionally, spiritually, and physically has made a huge impact on my life and who I am. We don't realize how much our unhealthiness/healthiness affects those around us-- even our thoughts we think no one else will ever even know. My dad chose to become well and healthy and I'm so grateful! It definitely helps me put into perspective the choice I have on a daily basis to pursue steps towards my wholeness and wellness or to not choose that. When I see the work my dad has done to become a free person and in turn how much good he is able to do in this world it inspires me. I've never seen someone respond to trials and to life as well as my dad does, ever, not even close. Sometimes I feel like he must be a super hero or something because it's really not normal how healthy he is in so many areas of his life and how healthy his responses to life are. However, I know that didn't just get handed to him on a silver platter. He had to work for that healthy mindset and healthy body and he did that by making daily choices to pursue wellness and health and in turn it really affected all of us. I know that today I would not be interested in the field of natural health if it weren't for him, and I wouldn't be half inspired as I am to even pursue my mental and physical and emotional and spiritual health if it weren't for him.  My grandmother and grandfather both gave us the love and stability as a foundation to be able to make those choices from. However, my dad really had a choice early on in his life to give into a life of confusion and chaos and just follow every whim of emotion that  crept up from the immense trials he went through OR to strengthen his mind and body daily by becoming spiritually healthy and physically and in turn being able to give love to all of us. 
Isn't my dad amazing?! You can read another story about him and his lentils here! More Exercising Posts Coming This Week! See Part I Here

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