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Real People Wednesdays: Meet Gabrielle!

Hello Dahhhlings....

No, I've never called any of you readers that or anyone that except for this gal we are interviewing today. A little history: Gabrielle Trudeau and I grew up together in our hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. Our parents were dear friends and we all went to the same church together. While all of our little Sunday School friends were sharing their prayer requests for their dogs to live longer and for the neighbor down the street who they only see once a month and for the "hidden request" that was such a big deal that they couldn't share with the class (I mean really, when you're in 2nd grade what possible hidden requests could you have that are so soul bearing or too embarrassing to share with your other Sunday School girlfriends?!)... while all of that was happening and we were sharing all our our prayer requests for our dogs and learning our memory verses, Gabrielle and I thought it would somehow be so fun and enticing to hide underneath the table of our class and pretend that the Sunday School snack of apple juice was instead beer and that our paper that we rolled up was instead cigarettes. We thought we were so fannnccyy. We cocked our (fake) cigarettes up into the air and called each other "dahhhling" and pretended to get drunk off of the apple juice-- I mean beer. We had a lot of other adventures outside of the Sunday School classroom that included me breaking her eye glasses, randomly going Christmas caroling way after Christmas had already passed because we missed Christmas (?), and eating homemade hummus at her house when hummus was definitely not a trendy daily snack for the average family. I'm pretty sure my dad had to convince me it was "sour cream" just so that I would try it. Some of my most comical memories of us are sitting under the table pretending to be Audrey Hepburn (maybe that was just me. hah) with our cigarettes titled in 
the air and our beer in the other profusely saying "dahhhling" over and over again when there was not a reason to do so.  I'm not sure how long we continued these charades, maybe they stopped once our elderly pastor caught us pretending to smoke and get drunk and we thought our lives would be over once he knew that we thought it was fun to pretend such things. Don't worry, this isn't an episode of that Amish tv show.  The story ends well and no we never got excommunicated from our church or our families, thank God. We had amazing families, both of us, and we also had an amazing church that we love. The only not so amazing part of this story is that Gabrielle and I don't live close to each other anymore to gallivant around together and to live natural, wholistic lives together. We do exchange recipes over  the phone and such, but the main unfortunate factor is that we can't go to our local Farmer's Markets with our cute baskets (such as her's above) in tow along with our green juice and/or  bake French Macarons together for an afternoon activity. In our "older years" we have both come to absolutely adore cooking (as you will see in her gorgeous instagram pictures below) and we both love being "healthy." We have similar views on health, even though as you will learn Gabrielle is a full-time nurse working with Modern medicine daily! You don't meet many nurses who also lead natural, wholistic lifestyles in their minuscule spare time. I mean really, nurses are some of the most hardworking women I have ever seen so if anyone would have an excuse to not have time or energy for living healthy, it may be them. They do horrendous (in my opinion dealing with strangers' bodily functions would be pretty horrendous) tasks and on top of that they give a lot of emotional support to families who are hurting and wanting medical answers for their loved ones. I cried the day my grandfather left the hospital when we said goodbye to our nurses. I felt like they had become my Aunt's who give me hugs and presents all of the time. I cried a lot saying good bye to them. And this is coming from me, a girl who was administering more natural care to my grandfather then the doctors and nurses even were. So, if Miss Gabrielle can find the time and energy to live naturally and cook from scratch, then so can all of us. I love what Gabrielle shared below, and I especially love my dahhhlling friend. She makes me laugh every single time I'm with her. I just wish we could be neighbors one days and have babies at the same time and apply essential oils to our kids every morning together. Without further adieu...

Meet Gabrielle Trudeau~

1. Describe your journey with healthy eating and living:

Eating well, natural remedies and the “natural” way of doing things is how my family has done things from the beginning. Growing up we didn’t drink soda, eat bright colored cereals loaded with sugar or bologna.(unless we were at mommos house or it was a “special occasion”) We didn’t get any immunizations that weren’t totally necessary to actually attend school. My dad made us drink fish oil as kids. My mom would make our friends drink water before having anything else to drink and they “had” to try the salad or veggies. How embarrassing, right? My parents have always been very health conscious and I guess you could say it sort of rubbed off on me. I think as a child I didn’t love the idea so much because I wanted gushers, fruit rolls ups and lunchables with fake pepperoni...but now that Im an adult and buy groceries and cook for myself and can see the benefits, I wouldn’t have it any other way. At times I get teased for eating so well, (and trust me, I indulge..when I make a dessert, I buy organic and natural as much as I can. If Im out and want ice cream, I have it). Healthy eating is a lifestyle, not a diet where I feel the need to torture myself and drink fresh juices day and night. Food is only a portion of what we put into our bodies and a way we can take care of them. Instead of taking medication, I use essential oils or natural home remedies. Avoiding products with additives and chemicals, I buy or make them naturally. People seem to forget that skin is an organ, what you put on it goes into the body and can either do help or harm. Wholesome living may not always be cheap or convenient but I would rather spend money to enhance my life and help prevent disease rather than try and remedy problems later in life.

2. You're a nurse and many people think that modern medicine and natural medicine are opposites. How do you think about these two things? I know both are big parts of your life.

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Ironically enough, my job and lifestyle are very different. I cant prescribe herbs and an array of colored fruits and vegetables for my patients. I can, on the other hand, talk to them about the way I eat and how I treat my body and give suggestions of natural treatments that others have used. Being an oncology nurse I administer chemotherapy/biotherapy everyday. While I dont one hundred percent agree with these treatment plans, I love my job and wouldn’t ever tell someone undergoing treatment how harmful it can be to the body. I try my best to incorporate the two with my patients so they are better able to manage symptoms.

 3. Many people think they have to sacrifice eating yummy foods to eat healthy. Your Instagram food pictures alone are proof that's not the case!! What would you say to people who think that way?

This, in my opinion is one of the biggest fallacies out there. Eating healthy does not, by any means, mean missing out on taste. I believe food should be enjoyed, and just because something is green, leafy or not processed doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious. Taking the time to make healthy, home cooked meals may seem like a hassle, but investing the time is worth it. Even eating raw fruits and vegetables can be yummy, but there are also so many herbs, cheeses, and other ingredients that can be added during cooking/baking, or just meal prep in general that make a meal so flavorful. Its a misconception that eating healthy means you eat grass-like plants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even small “substitutions” like quinoa for white rice or butter (I prefer organic and from grass fed cows) for margarine can make a meal much healthier. Trust me when I say, eating healthy does not mean sacrificing taste.


4. Why is it important to make time to nourish your body, cook meals, and spend time eating food with others?

What you put in your body directly effects your body’s performance in everyday activities: from sleep to exercise to spending time with friends, eating well makes a huge difference in how you feel. I know personally when I dont eat well, I feel it.  I feel sluggish, have headaches and dont sleep as well. Being on vacation is typically when this happens. When I’m able to cook for myself and others, I can see exactly whats going into my food and that is extremely comforting. So many additives, artificial flavorings and colors are put into food unnecessarily more and more. Eating what I cook is not only enjoyable for the palate, but my body is happier and healthier. I absolutely love cooking, and especially for other people. I like seeing people enjoy something I put time into. Growing up in New Orleans, enjoying good food with family and friends is always a necessity; it really brings people together. I hope that others can experience wholesome living without feeling deprived, but instead feel fulfilled and satisfied.

Thank you, Gabrielle for your interview! I especially loved your answer to question #3. I definitely agree-- eating healthy doesn't mean restrictions or sacrificing taste. I just love you! I hope all of you readers love her too. I know you would if you met in her person, but I'm sure you can get to know her through her answers as well. And everyone should definitely follow her on instagram as she posts lovely photos of her traveling nursing adventures and her amazing gourmet food! 

All of the picture in this blog post are from Gabrielle's instagram. You can find her at _gabriellelisabeth_ 



Disclaimer: PRTLIVING (and all of those feature and interviewed) is limited to providing self-help education in natural health matters and advocating of a healthy lifestyle for the sole purpose of sharing personal experiences and historical information about the traditional use of God-given herbs and natural remedies. This information is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any specific disease. No medical claims are made. If you have a medical problem, please seek the advice of your medical doctor.

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