Friday, August 8, 2014

Danielle's Weekend Favorites

Hello Readers! Happy Friday! I am going to be posting soon about learning to listen to your body as Laura mentioned. It's such an intricate topic that it deserved a little more time writing about it. I am working on that now. In the meantime, I wanted to pass along a few ideas for your weekend. I love how Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom gives her picks every Friday. Today I laughed when reading this one that she shared.  As we head out into our weekends, below are a few of my weekend picks...  

To read along and see my weekend plans and favorites click below. There's one at the end that may be surprising... 

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This movie. Seriously?? It's an Oprah Winfrey / Steven Spielberg collaboration. The story follows the journey of a boisterous family from India who move to a province in France and open up a lively eatery right across from a famous Michelin-starred French restaurant with traditions dating back 200 years. I'm just dying over the trailer! The gorgeous, artful way they plated the food... I swear I can smell the aromas through my computer screen. The story line looks adorable. Lasse Hallstrom directed it and today I read him saying, "It's a bit of a fable, but a fable that wants to be realistically told. It's a melting pot of languages of food, and of people." I've heard that it's meant to invoke passion and inspiration for all in our own 100 feet journeys. I won't be sure until I see the movie this weekend, but I just might like this movie more than Julie and Julia

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Along with seeing that movie, you can be sure I will make it to our Farmer's Market. This fresh, local ginger is calling my name! I can't wait to go pick some up this Saturday Morning. We add ginger to our fresh juice which carries wonderful notes and flavors. We've since been making our own sodas with fresh ginger. I also add ginger to my soups and a lot of dishes that I make for added flavors and added nutrients. I've talked here before on how amazing ginger is for your body, and how it can aid in many ailments such as nausea, arthritis, migraines, morning sickness, heart burn, menstrual relief, cancer prevention, and of course flus and colds. It's rare that you can get fresh, local ginger such as this one above. You can be sure I will be buying up some, and I highly suggest you visit your local farmer's market to buy some as well! 

Image Credit: Passion City Instagram
We don't ever talk about our own spirituality on our blog very much and no worries on that. However, with a blog devoted to "wholistic" (highlight being on the word whole) living, our own spiritual journeys will come up from time to time just naturally. I read a blog post today written by a pastor of Passion City Church and it caused me to stop and think for a bit. I love any kinds of blogs, conversations with friends, or books that cause me to stop and think for a bit. My husband and I have heard this particular pastor preach quite a few times now and it's always very meaningful, very inspiring, and so encouraging. What caught my attention this morning was the blog post he wrote where he is "shutting down" the church for two weeks in order to call for a rest & play time for everyone. What a novel idea! We can all use a little of that in our lives and our weekends! I especially love how he encouraged everyone in these two ways below: 
  1. Take time to remember.  Use a journal to recount the ways God has come through and been faithful to you this year.
  2. Spend time with neighbors and family you may not normally get to hang out with on a Sunday
So, in an effort to rest and play this weekend, I will make sure to carve out some time for intentionality in my relationships and in my own heart. My own heart needs that time often. I will make some time to sit and journal and also make some time to chat and mingle around some delicious food with some of the people I love. Whatever ways you find meaning and purpose, I encourage you to do the same. Make time for the unexpected and for the rare meaningful joys of life. No matter what you have going on, make time to pause, to marvel, and to wonder


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