Friday, July 18, 2014

Verdant Tea Tasting Room

Happy Friday All!

Verdant Tea Tasting Room 

I hope you have all had a great week thus far. I am excited that it is almost the weekend and my busy work week is coming to an end. I will be hosting a wedding shower for my sister in-law to be tomorrow. I have been cleaning and prepping all week- It will be nice to finally see the results of all my hard work tomorrow. Tonight I will focus on food preparation. I chose a Spanish tapas theme for the party because Anita loves Spain. She traveled there during college and she always brings up fun memories. So I decided to put an interesting spin on a normal bridal shower and make the main focus the food! 

Since my week has been filled with starting a new job and preparing my house for a party I haven't had much time to think about cooking. I hate these weeks where I get so slammed that I end up not eating the way I would like because I go out way too much. Sometimes it can be really difficult to find a restaurant that can cater to the needs of a "healthy" eater and  I end up eating junk most of the week.  I completely agree with what Danielle said in Tuesday's post,
About not depriving myself of the things that I truly desire. I might have not reached the point where Danielle has with her health (especially working in a French restaurant where I am surrounded by rich foods all the time) but I do feel that I don't like to focus it on it as much as the average American does daily.

I just think it is nice to know that if you do not have time to cook there are some healthier options out there for everyday consumption. As I have mentioned before Seward Co-op is my favorite local foods store. I tend to visit their store at least once a week and often find myself in the Seward Neighborhood. This neighborhood is located near the river and it is filled with health conscience individuals. There are some really great local spots in that area that can provide fun and interesting healthy meals.

One of my favorite is the Verdant Tea Tasting Room. I mentioned them in my North Coast Nosh post in May. They really put an interesting spin on health food. I have ventured to the tea house a few times in the last couple months because it is such a beautiful retreat. They have the whole restaurant decorated

like an Asian tea room. It is finished with lots of hardwood and floor to ceiling windows. The counter staff is extremely helpful and know everything about all the teas that the sell in house.

They offer a very Chinese inspired breakfast menu daily that is to die for... My sister got an amazing sweet congee the last time I went in with her and it was spectacular. It was a big bowl of happiness. It includes a combination of brown, white and wild rice, millet, and black sesame seeds that are steeped in ginger tea. Once at its perfect consistency the congee is topped with cashews, blueberries, candied ginger and some of their house blend chai spice. It was one of the best breakfast cereals I have ever tried.

Other things included on their menu is are a traditional tea farmers breakfast and even a tea soup which I found extremely unique. It is a vegetable soup that uses a tea broth instead of a vegetable stock- I would love to try to make this at home sometime.  I am a sucker for non-traditional breakfast foods in the morning. I would gladly eat a salad before indulging myself in a plate filled with bacon and eggs, so a place like Verdant Tea gives me some really fun options.

I also love that they make really fun hot and cold beverages. They have their own house brand kombucha called Prohibition.  It is the best kombucha I have ever tried. It is really clean and focuses more on the tea flavors than just the fruit or vinegar usually present in your average store bought variety. If I had a chance to drink it everyday, I think I would!

They also have a house made chai which is really great. They allow you to choose between cows, soy, almond or coconut milk. I always get a little excited when restaurants offer different types of milk. I don't often drink cows milk or soy and most of the coffee shops around only give you those two options.  It may sound silly but sometimes the choice of milk is the deciding factor for me when I chose where to buy my coffee.

Overall I feel like their tasting room is one of my favorite spots to eat healthy. I love the atmosphere, the tea and the thought that went into creating their menu. I hope that everyone living in the Minneapolis area will take the time to visit them sometime.


Verdant Tea Tasting Room
2111 E Franklin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404

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