Monday, July 14, 2014

True Food Kitchen + Atlanta

Happy Monday! 

Did you have a good weekend? Did you eat good food, enjoy good company, dance at any fun parties, take time to sit on your porch? I did some of these and the weekend proved to be fantastic. I of course made time for our beloved Farmers Markets. We also went to eat at True Food Kitchen for about the 5th time in two weeks. We can't get enough of that place it seems. True Food Kitchen just got to Atlanta a few weeks ago.
My husband was working the weekend before last, and I just decided to take myself out on a date day. I had to run to Lennox Mall to return something and I spotted True Food. I remembered hearing about it from my friend Lauren, so I texted her to make sure that was the same True Food she told me about and it was. True Food Kitchen is based off of the anti-inflammatory diet. Diets are something in general that I try to stay far away from. I love the concept of detoxing at various times (i.e. Candida "diet") and I definitely advocate cleansing and detoxing yourself for certain periods. As for a lifestyle though, I do try to stay far away from any kind of "depriving myself" mindset or dieting. To me food is all about fullness, creating special memories, and the luxury of it all. I never want to associate things that are meaningful to me to something with any kind of negative connotation like "deprivation." That is something that I love about True Food. Although they are based on the Anti-Inflammation "diet" they are not ones to skimp or to sacrifice flavor and taste for health. They are wholly committed to good food, and I love how they sum that up with this quote found on their website, "The basis for the anti-inflammatory diet isn’t meant to deprive a healthy body of great flavors, it’s meant to take popular trends in cuisine and pair them with healthy living.” 

Their eatery is all about inspiration and really truth in all they do and in all they portray. They have a wide open kitchen policy where you can see fully into their kitchen from just about any seat in the restaurant. No secrets here! They are all about elevating the true flavors of food without any preservatives or chemicals. They use local ingredients whenever possible and take great care in where they obtain all of their ingredients from. The whole concept makes for an inspiring visit even from the moment you walk through their tall, heavy doors. Before you even walk in, you're greeted with the fresh scent of herbs growing in vintage looking planters (as you can see in the picture of my husband and I above) right outside of the door. Next you step inside and you're greeted with gorgeous colors in decor that mimic the gorgeous colors in the food you quickly see passed around, friendly servers, a very inviting atmosphere, and wonderful aromas. 

I took my friend there last night and she said, "wow this place really is a good time!" Yes, yes, it is! The atmosphere almost reminds me of being at a beachside restaurant. The servers are so sweet that you almost feel like you're friends by the end of the meal-- friends who instagram pictures together like the one above (thank you Keisha!). They are also so versed on the menu. I always feel bad going to restaurants and asking them questions about where they get their ingredients from. All of the servers I have had at True Food are ready and willing to answer questions and even bring you out samples of food you may be deciding between! I can't tell you how many times I've asked them about a dish, only for them to bring me a tiny sample of it to taste. They even do this with all of the fresh "green juices" that they juice to order. They gave me a few of them as you can see below to try. My favorite so far is "The Hangover Rx," which contains coconut, pineapple  orange, and vanilla! 

Their restaurants are also green and environment friendly! All of the tables and chairs are made out of recycled materials. It's honestly very rare that restaurants pursue excellence in their food, their relationship with customers, and in their atmosphere-- being conscious of creating an amazing experience but also being conscious of being good to the earth and our bodies. The decor and the food are gorgeous in color. The space feels open and alive as the food is just as alive in color and taste. There really is no sacrifice here in flavor for health, which is a huge accomplishment for a restaurant. 

I've had quite a few dishes on their menu, and one of my favoirtes is the Edamame Dumplings (seen above) drizzled with White Truffle Oil. Inside the dumplings is this creamy Edamame puree. The white truffle oil really goes well with the flavorful-herbacious sauce and the creaminess of the puree. I can't suggest this enough! I also love the Quinoa Burger. The pizzas were not my favorite, I must say. They were good, but not as good as my favorite pizza shops. So, I would try everything else! My most favorite thing that I have had here is the Chia Seed Banana & Coconut Pudding topped with Coconut Milk Whipped Cream. This is to die for! It takes a lot for me to be actually impressed with desserts, and this dessert is one of the best I've had this entire year! The creaminess of the pudding itself is unique even for puddings. The crunch of the toasted coconut flakes with the Vanilla Coconut Whipped cream is perfection. I will definitely be stopping by to get this to go in the future! It's a must! 

Have ya'll been to a True Food Kitchen? They have 8 different locations: Atlanta, Scottsdale AZ, San Diego, Santa Monica, Phoenix, Newport Beach, Denver, Dallas, and Houston Coming Soon! By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to pass along a noteworthy restaurant. 
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