Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pineapple + Basil Ice Cream

Hi Happy Readers! 

I was out of town for a little retreat this week and I was completely out of service. My husband Ben had to post my Mango & Lime Margarita recipe for me. I am just getting back home and back to the swing of things around here. Do you have big plans for the 4th? Ben and I usually take advantage of his time off this weekend and go on some little Southern adventure, but this weekend we are just spending some time with my lovely grandmother for her birthday and making sure to eat some yummy food (maybe even this ice cream below). I'm sure there will be some random adventures no matter what.

So, today I wanted to post my little ice cream recipe. I am highlighting pineapple and basil, because it's such a yummy combination using seasonal ingredients. However, I make this same recipe with just about any fruit. Of course this comes from the whole banana ice cream idea. A while ago I started making the ice cream out of frozen bananas, but once I started using other fruits instead, I started to like the others more. Use whatever fruit you have on hand or your favorite fruits. Some of my favorite combinations are frozen pineapple and frozen raspberries, frozen peaches, frozen strawberries, and of course today's recipe of pineapple and basil. This is a perfect summer treat! I know I am always craving cold things in the summer, and instead of pulling into Sonic's parking lot during happy hour this is a perfect recipe which allows you to get some extra fruit and while still being so delicious! Perfect for kids too!

Pineapple + Basil Ice Cream 

1 Fresh Pineapple Chopped and frozen solid
Fresh basil leaves chiffonaded (I would use 3 basil leaves per cup of pineapple)
(Optional: 1 tbsp. of honey) 

First begin by chopping the pineapple. Take the outside of the pineapple off and then cut into chunks. Put them in a ziploc bag and freeze for at least an hour. This is very important to freeze it up to an hour at least. If you don't freeze it long enough it will not blend right, so make sure it's frozen solid.

Take the frozen pineapple and basil and place in a food processor or blender. Also add in your honey if you want it to be a little sweeter. I like to use my big 10 quart food processor best, but a smaller food processor will work just fine and so will a blender. Begin to blend a few times. You will start to see the pineapple turn into small chunks, and sometimes even into tiny balls. Keep chopping and blending until it forms into an ice cream.

After it forms into an ice cream texture, scoop into a bowl. You can drizzle with honey or any toppings you would wish. As I said, you can play with using different fruits and combinations that suit your taste preference. A frozen strawberry + frozen blueberry combinations would be perfect for the 4th! Any would be perfect, really. Have fun and enjoy! 

Even Lucy likes it! 

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