Monday, June 23, 2014

"These are a Few of Our Favorite things" Week: Sleep Solve 24/7

Good Afternoon Readers!


It's been a really great weekend! I ended up spending a lot of time relaxing which in my world is usually unheard of especially on my days off. That being said this is going to be a CRAZY week! It is not only my birthday but I am going to be packing for my trip to Chicago, trying to close things up at work because we will be closed for the week of the forth of July and I will be helping watch my parents dog while they are out of town.

It's good that I got the time to rest this weekend because a week like this tends to send my stress level through the roof and makes sleeping almost impossible. I have always had some troubles sleeping especially as a child and teenager. I used to spend countless nights in front of the TV trying to force myself to get tired. I had this irrational fear that I was the only person in the world still awake (the crazy things we dream up as children) and it would just intensify my anxiety and keep me from falling asleep. My mom and step mom have always been into a lot of natural remedies and I used to try almost anything to induce sleep. The one I remember the most was the liquid Valerian root. It was a horrible tasting liquid I would have to hold under my tongue- can you imagine a little kid agreeing to such a "torturous" ritual. I was just very desperate. There is really nothing worse than watching the clock tick closer and closer to that dreaded time you need to be awake. 

Well this week Danielle and I want to focus on some of our favorite things that we find exciting, helpful, healthy and fun. I have been using a natural sleep aid for a few years now and I absolutely adore it.  It is called Sleep Solve 24/7. My mom has always had troubles sleeping as well and she is always trying to find a natural sleep aid that actually works. When she first started selling the product in her office she brought it home for me as sort of an experiment to see if it helped. I immediately loved the product. It has always worked to relieve my sleep issues. I can usually fall asleep easily but I tend to wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to fall back to sleep. I like this supplement a lot because it does not leave you groggy like a lot of other products out their might. It also only lasts for one sleep cycle and makes taking it in the middle of the night easier because it doesn't stay in your system long. We go through a series of sleep cycles during a full nights rest and as a warning to those who have trouble falling asleep you may need to take more than one if you are trying to sleep through the whole night. My sleep issues now that I am adult are a lot more acute so on average I only take one. 

The Sleep Solve 24/7 is an all natural product that only uses magnesium and supplemental forms of the sleep hormones used when falling asleep. A lot of the over counter sleeping pills and supplements are chock-full of unhealthy chemicals that tend to put you in a trance rather than really just speeding your sleeping process. I really hate that sleeping pill "hangover" that comes with most of these products. If I am taking something for sleep in the morning I want to feel like I actually slept the previous night.

I was recently introduced to a really cool App on my iPhone called "Sleep Cycle Alarm"- it is a program that turns on your microphone to record your movement and breathing during the night.There is an average amount of movement that is correlated to different levels of sleep. You turn the App on and simply place your phone under your pillow. I wanted to do a little experiment to show a night with my sleep aid and a night without my sleep aid. Obviously this is not a scientific experiment and there are a lot of outlying variables that could be affecting my sleep but I thought this was a fun idea. 

Without Sleep Solve 24/7
With Sleep Solve 24/7

 As you can clearly see I had a much better sleep the night that I used the Sleep Solve. The first night I was only sleeping at 44% and I woke up at 4 am and had a horrible time falling back to sleep. The second night when I chose to use the sleep solve I was sleeping at 89% and I slept soundly only waking at the end of my sleep cycle which is healthy. I did start my sleep cycle alarm a bit later than the night I had better sleep but you can see on average I was sleeping a lot more comfortably the night I used my supplement.

I know that every supplement works differently for each individual but I really do like this product. I have suggested it to a couple friends with the burden of bad sleeping habits. You can find this product a lot of different places online, they even sell it through Amazon so if you are interested I would start there. 

This week is going to be fun and interesting so I hope you keep coming back to read about more of our favorites. Don't forget to check out my interview last Friday with the guys behind the scenes at Timing and Chemistry Inc.

Thank you all!!!

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