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Meet Kimberly / Real People Wednesday

Hi Readers!

I'm excited to introduce you to Kimberly today. I can't even remember now when I started reading some of her blog posts and writings. I do remember being encouraged by her, and I also really liked her writing style. I often hear from people that it can be hard to find blogs that are a good mix of having humor while also sounding genuine, and being "real" without being extremely negative. I often find that readers want to read a blog that isn't a fake portrayal of someone's life, yet they don't want to read one negative comment or story after another as that gets discouraging pretty quickly. Isn't it sad in general though that sometimes we feel like people aren't being real if there isn't enough negativity or complaining in what they say? I was initially impressed with how genuine Kimberly's posts were, but they also didn't leave me with a negative feeling at all. She finds a way to be real and genuine without filling up one's screen with complaints and emotional sagas. She uses her energies and experiences to learn from it and grow. She is a life-giver and that is evident in her life and in her writings. I love that and that's why I love reading her thoughts. I have also appreciated how she also finds time and the motivation to pursue her talents and callings while also being a busy natural momma. I have enough trouble finding the time and consistent motivation as it is to pursue my callings, but she does it with four girls and a husband. It's a great reminder and inspiration to me in my own life.

I initially sent Kimberly these interview questions before I knew what the blog topic would be for the week we would interview her. I had already planned one week to post my roasted chicken recipe and also my chicken broth recipe that is my base for soups as one of those go-to healthy recipes and a way I save money while cooking and eating healthy. We talk a lot about eating nutritious while still saving time and money here. When I read her interview questions, I realized this was the perfect week to feature those recipes and also her interview. She talks about how those have helped her save time and money, and I love that we are all on this journey together finding similar things that are useful to us. Kimberly also remarks on times of discouragement we can come across in our journeys of health. I've heard people saying that talking about being healthy comes with a lot of guilt and do's and don'ts. However, as I've mentioned I often find health being about living life to the fullest and being arm-in-arm with ridding of guilt and fears in our lives and replacing that with true life and joy. Health to me is not about guilt but rather fullness and the opportunity we are given. It is however a journey. I love Kimberly's practical, matter-of-fact response to this matter, and I'm excited you will get to learn more about her journey! I know I benefited from it and I'm sure all of you will as well.

Meet Kimberly! 
Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself! Where you live / what you do / what your husband does / who your family is comprised of / how many people and creatures live in your house / what you are passionate about / any quirks/ etc. 
A: I live in Texas with my engineer husband and four beautiful daughters. We have a dog named Snoopy (original, I know) and my daughter has a turtle. I love working with children and am an educational therapist. Yarn is my weakness. I love to crochet and sometimes knit. It’s my therapy. I’m also teaching myself how to make jewelry. The last necklace I wore broke but I didn't let my hopes scatter like the beads did. What’s strange about that – I don’t normally wear jewelry.
Q: You are not only a homeschool momma with a degree in teaching, but you also give your time to working and serving in your church and you are also a passionate writer. What are some of the things you are most passionate about writing about? How did you learn writing was a passion of yours and that it was something to pursue? 
A: I write from my heart. Always have. Writing somehow helps me make sense of this crazy world. Whatever I’m passionate about, that’s what I write.
I’m also passionate about helping kids become the best they can be. In my family I homeschool so their education can be catered to their needs. As an educational therapist, I help struggling learners overcome obstacles. Everywhere else I help kids develop a love and desire to follow Christ.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your journey and story with health and well-being. Have you always been conscious of your health and well being? I often say health is a journey we are all a part of. What has that journey looked like to you and what have you learned along the way? 

A: My health journey began after I almost lost my life (surgery - I now see as unnecessary - gone wrong with lasting health problems). When doctors couldn't give me any acceptable answers, I looked outside the box for what works for me.

Q: In our culture it is often a prevalent assumption that our health is not in our own hands, but that we have to rely on doctors and quick fix pills to fix us. I think it is not a common concept that we are the ones responsible for our own health and that our health is our responsibility and that there are things we can do ourselves without relying solely on a doctor. I have read in some of your writings that you had a similar realization. Could you briefly flesh that out for us and how that was defining for you? 

A: . I realized doctors and conventional medicine don’t always look at us as a person, but as a patient. Instead they try to fit us in a box and throw medicine at us. (Disclaimer: This is not all doctors, that would be me putting them all in a box. But many doctors do this just because they don’t know what else to do!) I made some significant changes a few years ago and took my health back into my own hands. Mainly, I ate clean. (very healthy)

Q: What does being well and living naturally mean to you today and in the season of life you are in now?  How would you encourage others in wherever they are along this journey of health-- maybe even if they are in a place of discouragement? 

A: Honestly, I am in a place of discouragement. I lived a very natural, healthy lifestyle for about two years, but over the last few months allowed things to slip back in. By most standards, I am still living a very healthy lifestyle, but for my needs it’s not enough. What I’m telling others, I’m telling myself! Take your journey one step at a time. Do what you can. One New Thing healthy is better than nothing!

Q: The two biggest concerns I hear from others about eating healthy and being well is the finances and time involved. It's so much quicker to stop at McDonald's, right? How have you found ways to handle the financial aspects and time involved? What is some good practical advice to others that you have found helpful-- even if you don't follow the advice to a tee all of the time. Any practical tips for not breaking the bank in not giving into the fast food - fast paced culture of ours? 

A: Plan!! Plan!! Plan!! I carry food with me even if I have to bring a cooler. My biggest savings is to roast two chickens and eat the meat for lunch instead of lunch meat. I also use the other part of the chickens to make bone broth. Instead of grabbing something from fast food (which is NOT cheap!), I throw a container of chicken and some lettuce in a cooler for fast wraps! Saves SO much money!!!!

Answer the following with the first things that come to your mind: 

- What are some regular week night meals at your house? 

Roasted chicken, chicken wraps, tacos, breakfast foods

-As we each grow and learn our own bodies we find there are essentials and things we can "fudge on." What things in your life or aspects of your natural lifestyle do you feel like are essential to your wellness? 

Staying away from food that makes me sick.

-Favorite healthy meal? 

Soup made with bone broth

-For those mamas- what are your go-to things for a sick baby?
Essential Oils!

-Go to things for a sick momma? 

Oils and bone broth

-Any stress relievers you find helpful in maintaining your sanity as a busy lady? 

Crochet, prayer, Bible reading, and for down time to read something light

Q: The Interview is over. Thank you so much! Is there anything else you would like to add or say to those that may be stopping by this page and reading along? 

A: The first stop in a healthy lifestyle is to stop believing lies we tell ourselves. We are worth taking the time to nurture!

Thank you Kimberly, for your interview! We have loved getting to know you more and are so thankful for what we can glean from you. You are really an inspiration to follow your passions and callings and to ultimately not allow anything to stop you in that process. You are a great encouragement to not give up nor stop when things become less than idyllic. Thank you for being a life giver!


Disclaimer: PRTLIVING (and all of those feature and interviewed) is limited to providing self-help education in natural health matters and advocating of a healthy lifestyle for the sole purpose of sharing personal experiences and historical information. This information is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any specific disease. No medical claims are made. If you have a medical problem, please seek the advice of your medical doctor.
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