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My Natural Supplement Routine

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Wasn't Monica from yesterday's interview amazing? I love how she is young, yet really going after her dreams and goals while also making it a priority to be healthy. It is so important to take care of our bodies as that really does contribute to the quality of our lives and how well we are able to work towards those dreams of ours. That brings me to today's topic, which is my natural supplement routine. I used to be under the assumption that I only needed to eat healthy foods in order to be healthy. I am all about the food, and so is Laura! That is one of the main things that led us to starting this blog, and even starting it together. Being that I am so interested in food, I used to think that as long as I ate healthy that I would in turn be healthy. However, I have come to realize (through much experience!) that just isn't the case. Back when the world began and it was perfect I'm sure that would have been the case. However, now food has been changed and modified in so many ways and our bodies have been victims of harmful chemicals and toxic environments. I love that food is medicine, but our bodies really and truly need help in using that good food we eat to help us. I've learned from my own experience that I can eat all of the good, organic food I want and still be unable to digest it. Our bodies still do need added nutrition and added supplements to help us stay as healthy as can be and use every ounce of nutrition for our benefit without getting wasted. I have NEVER been one to like taking medicine at all, not even advil. I think that's contributed to why I did not want to take natural supplements or vitamins for a while. I also had this assumption that every natural supplement must be some kind of gimmick. I held off on taking any supplements for a long while and stuck to healthy foods and epsom salt baths primarily. However, that has changed and thankfully I am much better off and much more healthy since I have started taking supplements that my body actually needs. (Don't worry, I'm not selling anything on this post, so all of this is just my personal experience, not some miracle product I'm trying to get anyone to buy ;) ) I began with one supplement to start off with and my body responded so well I was sort of shocked. I had symptoms all of my life that I just thought I had to live with, and after taking needed supplements (along with eating healthy and drinking my water) my body changed drastically to the point that it's hard for me to even remember how sick I used to feel.

Although I am not paid to advertise any of these products and get nothing in return for featuring them here today, I wanted to share my natural supplement routine for any of ya'll that may be confused or wondering where to start with supplements. I just wanted to share my experience, and which ones are essential to me. It is definitely extremely important to be educated on what products you are putting into your body and where they come from. Many times vitamins sold at big stores or even small stores are absolutely filled with chemicals and are not at all what they claim to be at first glance. If you get anything from this post, I can't suggest enough to RESEARCH and do your homework with what you are putting into your bodies. Don't waste your money or your health. Be educated. Own your own health-- it's a luxury we have to do so!

Of course, I am not a medical doctor. I cannot diagnose anyone or anything like that. If you have specific medical problems, talk to your doctor. I am just sharing my own experience and how that has changed my own life.

Danielle's Natural Supplement Routine: 

I do not take all of these on a daily basis, but I will outline which ones I do and when. 

1. Probiotics: These are super important. If you have taken antibiotics at any point in your life or been alive for a portion of time it is likely that your gut and organs in some cases have been compromised. Probiotics are one of the main things that ward off infection and boost your immune system. They have been known to regulate women's health and also regulate weight. They're also known to be essential for the urinary track and digestive system. Remember your mom trying to get you to eat yogurt when you were little? That is because yogurt is full of probiotics. Know your brands with yogurt too, and stay away from the additives and sugary yogurt. Anyway, although I do eat fermented food laden with natural probiotics, I also take probiotics daily-- with every big meal that I eat. Probiotics in my opinion are one of the single best things I can do for my body. I make sure to have a high-quality brand on hand pretty much at all times. I get my probiotics from Healthy Alternatives, which is also where I get my Digestive Enzymes which I will talk about below.

It is important to me to know extensively about how these products are made, what environment they're made in, if anything is added, and if the company is reputable. Thankfully, Dr. Shumway was a part of the testing for the formulas for this company and saw first-hand the quality of their products. (And, no he does not get any profit from this company now, so he has no gain by recommending it.) I do not buy products that I have not extensively researched or know someone who has, and this brand I fully trust and recommend. I have since talked with the owner and maker of this brand many, many times and she has answered any and all of my seemingly endless questions. Both my husband and myself do extensive homework before deciding to purchase any brands or products. 

2. Digestive Enzymes: When I first got into natural health counseling all I heard about was digestive enzymes it seemed. However, it took me a while to start taking them myself. I often thought, "do I really need these?" And wow, I did. Digestive Enzymes have made a huge, huge impact in my health in so many ways. Since it is so important to me to buy healthy food and eat whole foods, I never want to waste all of that by not being able to digest it which is sadly too often the case. Digestive Enzymes ensure that all of the nutrients from those foods are properly digested and can be used to help support all of my organs and the overall health of my entire body. I had a conversation with my dad tonight about some shoulder pain he had been having. I am a firm believer in a chiropractor (and also massage therapists!) but I have found personally when I am taking my digestive enzymes my back pain is little to none. I had some severe jaw pain and as soon as I started taking protease, it was gone completely. These are huge and I take them daily! As I said above, I also get my digestive enzymes from Healthy Reflections.

3. Vitamin & Mineral: I used to be one of those people that thought all vitamins are a gimmick. I'm still not too far from that mindset, however I have found a set of vitamins and minerals that I absolutely adore and take daily. These are not a gimmick at all. (As I said above, I feel it's practically worthless for me to take any vitamins from big stores. They're filled with chemicals and sugars- no thanks!). I use these vitamins and I've seen great results from it. I get a whole host of minerals such as zinc that I would have to take individual pills for otherwise.

4. Vitamin B: Vitamin B is a big one. Do you get headaches? No energy? About 90% of Americans are said to be diffident in vitamin B-- some more so than others. I used to be one of those people that was tired all of the time. I sometimes would get what I call "hungry headaches." I felt lethargic. I felt tired and maybe even slightly depressed? I mean I was never in the throes of depression, but I was so tired which led me to feel melancholy of sorts. I would get dizzy so often-- dizziness was a daily occurrence for me. I just felt off, and even as I am typing this it's so weird for me to think back to how sick I felt so often. I felt sick most of the time, that I was almost used to it. I just thought I was a naturally sick person and that as we all have quirks in our personality, those were my "quirks" in my health. Wrong! We weren't created to feel that way. Our bodies were created absolutely beautifully and amazingly! Our bodies have this insane and innate ability to work and to work well. I say all of this to say, I was Vitamin B deficient and that affected me in many ways along with the ways I described above. I now am thankfully no longer that person and it is a rarity that I ever get headaches or dizziness. I honestly don't even remember the last time I was dizzy and that is a miracle! Vitamin B is one of my heroes. :) (I am sorry for the less than scientific rendition of these supplements and vitamins. I have researched the scientific side and my husband has even more than I have. However, I get bored writing about those aspects, and I want to write what I wish others would have shared with me.) This is the brand of Vitamin B that I absolutely love. This is especially important for those that exercise often and those who are pregnant or going to conceive within a few months. If you have specific questions, you can email us at PRTLIVING@GMAIL.COM.

Other Seldom Supplments: 

The above supplements are ones that I take on a daily basis. There are a few others such as Cell Food and Vitamin D (I take this one pretty frequently too though) that I take as needed. When I was tested it showed that I actually was very chronically dehydrated. This is not surprising since it wasn't until this year that I actually started hydrating. It takes a while to re-hydrate your body from all the years you dehydrated. Cell Food helps my body stay hydrated. I add a few drops to my water and it's similar to digestive enzymes in the sense that cell food helps the bonuses of water go to the places in the body that need it and do it's job. Along with those, I also take specific glandulars designed for specific organs that are low-functioning in my body. So, for example my thyroid has shown signs of weakness. Others' may have urinary track weakness or kidney weakness. Since my thyroid has shown signs of weakness, I am about to start taking a thyroid and adrenal glandular. I also take Vitamin C every hour when I am sick until I feel better. Now, I used to be severely constipated. If I knew what I know now I would have taken a Colon Health Support (I have an amazing brand I would use for that now). Thankfully, though I no longer have that problem nor do I take any supplement for that.

Aside from those things, I have a wide variety of essential oils on hand. I make sure to stock up on those and we honestly use them frequently! I also definitely take my epsom salt baths and see those as a form of de-stressing and also as a "supplement" to my body. In fact, I'm going to take one now!

Happy natural living!


Disclaimer: PRTLIVING (and all of those feature and interviewed) is limited to providing self-help education in natural health matters and advocating of a healthy lifestyle for the sole purpose of sharing personal experiences and historical information about the traditional use of God-given herbs and natural remedies. This information is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any specific disease. No medical claims are made. If you have a medical problem, please seek the advice of your medical doctor.
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