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Honey Ice Cream (Without An Ice Cream Maker)

Happy Friday! 
Have you enjoyed "Honey" week? After I wrote my Honey Cough Syrup Recipe up, I had honey on my brain and I decided to whip up this ice cream. I don't even have a picture of the finished product, because as soon as this ice cream was finished we basically inhaled it! It was that good. My dad loves ice cream and he loves condensed milk (which is one of the ingredients, but can be substituted easily with maple syrup) so I wanted to give this recipe a try. I saw it initially on Kitchen Treaty. There were two things that popped out to me that I liked about this recipe: #1) You don't need an ice cream machine to make this recipe nor do you have to even know how to use an ice cream maker. That's super good, because a lot of people don't have an ice cream machine nor do they even know how to make the traditional ice cream recipes. It can seem daunting, but this recipe is easy for anyone to use! Even if you do have an ice cream machine you might not always feel like drudging it out from the basement (ahem, me) and then making the traditional custard base and waiting for what seems like forever until it's finally done (me, again). This is one of those recipes that's great if company is coming over that night and you want to whip something up quickly to have ready for you when company arrives. #2) The second thing I love about this recipe is the versatility of the ingredients. Kitchen Treaty did not use raw milk, but I just so happened to have some raw heavy cream from the raw milk we got at our farmer's market this weekend to use for this ice cream. We don't do anything low-fat in this household... I hate to say it, but yuck! We do full-fat everything and we try to get a lot of it, too. Using raw heavy cream is a way that I can add nutrients into this recipe for added nutrition, while I'm consuming a very yummy treat. Nutritious doesn't always have to taste less-than. Raw milk has so many natural enzymes that help your body digest it when consumed. Often times people with dairy allergies can consume raw milk with no problem because the enzymes and minerals that help your body digest the milk haven't been "cooked" out of it. It's amazing how God made the Earth that way-- milk unadulterated and unprocessed actually has enzymes in it specifically made to help our bodies digest it! Brilliant! This is one of those times that healthy eating coincides with decadent eating, and I love that! I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did.

You do not have to be a professional chef or even professional home cook to make this. If you often make things that come out not so great, no worries! This recipe is pretty much fool-proof and would be very hard to mess up. I highly encourage anyone to try this! I think you will be happily surprised. 

The raw cream we took out of our half gallon of raw milk.

Honey & Pecan Ice Cream Recipe: 

This recipe has been taken and adapted from Kitchen Treaty's Sea Salt & Honey Ice Cream Recipe. She has a few more pictures (that look gorgeous!) of this recipe and tips. 

-2 Cups of Raw Heavy Whipping Cream / or the amount of heavy cream on that rises to the top of your half gallon bottle of raw milk (you can definitely use regular heavy cream if you don't have raw.)

-1 (14ounce) can of sweetened condensed milk preferably organic I used organic, but any will do. Also, I realize condensed milk does have sugar in it. We consume very little sugar, if any. You could use Maple Syrup here instead of the Condensed Milk if you want to make it completely clean eating. I would add a little until it tastes sweet to your preference
-2 tbsp of raw honey I had a little container of Savannah Bee Company's Honey left, that I wanted to get rid of so I used that for this recipe. You don't have to use raw. I do highly suggest using raw honey as there are so many more benefits of that, but use what you have.
-1/2 teaspoon of salt I used pink Himalayan salt
-1/4 Cup of Toasted Pecans You could get creative and use chocolate chips or your favorite ice cream ingredient instead of pecans.

Pour the Heavy Cream into a mixing bowl and beat until you have the consistency of whipped cream. This will take a few minutes. You can start on low speed and work up to a higher speed. Just make sure you don't put the speed too high or you will have splatters of heavy cream all over you. Beat it until it's as stiff as you can get it. Raw heavy cream doesn't seem to beat as stiff as the regular heavy cream. No worries, just beat it until it's as still as you can get it-- preferably to where it has stiff peaks when you pick up the beaters. 

After you beat the cream and you have your whipped cream, gently fold in the condensed milk, honey, and salt.

After those ingredients are mixed, gently fold in the pecans only folding once to three times. 

Put in a container and freeze for 6 hours. (You can drizzle honey on top or sprinkle another sprinkling of sea salt, top with some toasted chopped pecans, whatever you wish)

P.S. This is a great recipe to make with your children this summer. It's easy for children to do most of the work and for you to make wonderful summer memories with your kids in the kitchen. You can see all of the posts in this week's Honey Series here: Monday: The Lowdown on Honey, Tuesday: All Natural Cough Syrup with Honey, Wednesday: Local Honey Shop Owners Debby and Kelley Flounders Interview, and Thursday: Laura's All Natural Honey Face Scrub/Mask
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