Friday, May 23, 2014

Shop with the DOC / Gray Duck Chai Giveaway

Happy Friday!

We hit 5,000 views this week! Thank you all for showing your support and visiting us on a daily basis. Danielle and I have been so busy this past month it is amazing that we have even had time to keep up with the daily posting. I think teaming up on this blog has been an amazing decision. It gives us the time we need to really research our topics and allows us a couple days off just in case we need it. Speaking of days off we will be taking Monday off next week in honor of Memorial Day. Danielle's husband is in the Army and we thought it was necessary for us to take that day to reflect and let our readers catch up.

So I had an amazing opportunity last week. My mom is a chiropractor and she owns a practice in South Minneapolis. She recently hired a couple new doctors and one of them has a real knack for nutrition. She has teamed up with a local grocery store, Kowalski's, to start a series called "Shop with the Doc". During this series of seminars she will teach participants the importance of shopping clean, local and healthy. Anyone is welcome to join and samples are provided by Kowalski's.

The first of the series was just an introductory seminar that focused on the steps to becoming a healthy shopper. We learned about "the dirty dozen", which Danielle had mentioned in her post about buying vegetables. Dr. Erin also gave us some great tips on slowly cutting unhealthy foods from our diets and some ways to cleanse our bodies. It was actually a really fun experience. The staff  at Kowalski's knew everything about all of their products. We walked the whole store and got a chance to check out all their local and organic foods.
Some of my favorites were theBilinski's chicken products (all natural and organic sausages and meatballs), Food for Life's sprouted breads, and Kowalski's all natural peanut butter. I have been shopping at Kowalski's since I was a child and it was amazing how much I learned about their inventory. I really didn't know that they put such a strong emphasis on buying local and providing some really great all natural house made products like their guacamole- which was free of any preservatives only lemon juice, avocado, tomatoes, onions and a little vinegar.

If you are interested in the next "Shop with the Doc" installment, they will be focusing on shopping for a healthy summer picnic, you can sign up either on the Southside Chiropractic facebook or by visiting the Park view Kowalski's at 5615 Chicago Ave S in Minneapolis. It is a really unique opportunity and who doesn't like free samples?

Talking about facebook, we are officially launching our PRTliving facebook page today! We decided the best way to launch was to do our first giveaway. I mentioned on wednesday that we would be featuring the Gray Duck Chai as our prize for the giveaway. So here is the deal-- you need to do two simple things... First like our page on facebook then share one of your favorite posts on your facebook page and you will be entered to win a free retail size chai. I will ship it anywhere so don't feel discouraged if you are not a MN local. We will give you the weekend to enter and  announce our winner on Tuesday! Well that's all for today! Have a wonderful holiday weekend and "may the odds be in your favor".


PS. Don't forget to check out our other posts from this week. I touched on some great facts about spicy herbs, along with a great recipe on how to make your own homemade bitters. Danielle also gave us a great recipe for a spiced vegetable soup.  REMEMBER to LIKE our new FACEBOOK and share one of your favorite posts!

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