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Meet Dr. Marcus Shumway / Real People Wednesday Series


We have our first Real People Interview with another aside from Laura and myself. I am thrilled to introduce you to a true expert in this field! Yesterday I talked about the herb conference my husband and I went to with CNHP . I also met Dr. Shumway through the CNHP conference we went to in Las Vegas. I've seen many natural experts, but none like Dr. Shumway.  
It really is wild to me that we go see different doctors for different needs-- dermatologists, cardiologists, general practitioners. None of them consult with each other and know any of your other symptoms. Why not see someone who looks at everything all together, since there is usually a cause to any issue going on in our body and most of the time they're actually related! That is what I love about Dr. Shumway. He is committed to educating us all on our bodies. He has been doing natural health for many years and is an expert in so many realms of natural health. He is such a humble man. I have been so privileged to be able to learn from him. Whenever I tell him that he always follows it up with how privileged he is to be able to pass along information. That kind of generosity and humility is very rare with experts in any field! He has been known as the "holistic plumber." He really focuses on how we digest food and then how it's assimilated in our body and then eliminated. We can eat all organic but if our bodies aren't digesting it and eliminating it then we lose a lot of the value of it. He also works with people with whatever issues their bodies are having in becoming well and teaches and educates them. He did this with weight loss for a time, but really he does this with any issue you want to become educated on with your body and that you want help with. He assesses you thoroughly to find the root cause of your pain and dis-ease. I also especially like what he said about using nature and God's pharmacy, as that goes right along with what we talked about yesterday. So, I'm very excited to be able to feature him in today's post. Dr. Shumway lives in Arizona and he does often travel to California as well. If you are in the area and would like to see him or host him for a seminar, he is open to booking appointments with you. His website is a wealth of information as well. 

Dr. Shumway will be coming to New Orleans at the end of this month (weekend of May 31st). We will have a little weekend "clinic" where you can make an appointment to see him for any needs you may be having or if you want a general session with him. You can scroll down past the interview to the bottom of this post where I will list some of the details and how to book an appointment with him. 


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself! Who is your family comprised of / what do you do / what is your job in natural health / a bit of history of your profession /  what you are passionate about / etc. 

A: I have been married for 38 years to my best friend and beautiful wife Martha (Martie) Shumway-we have 5 children and 8 grandchildren. All of my children are married and my wife and I are empty nesters and love it. I got into the health field 20 years ago when my oldest daughter Nichole was diagnosed with Scoliosis. I didn't agree with the medical doctors who wanted to put harrington rods in her back. So I started searching for other methods. I discovered a massage school and enrolled and between massage and chiropractic Nichole's scoliosis improved. During my journey I came across a school called Trinity Naturopathic College and enrolled in it to learn more. I took all their hands-on classes through CNHP. I was hooked on the holistic way of life. In the late 90-'s I became a teacher for CNHP and taught for them for the last 15 years. During that time I was taught many means of health assessment. However, nutritional microscopy became my love and passion. I have written several books on the microscope and a few health books too. Seeing my clients benefit from lifestyle and diet changes are my biggest pleasures. At the moment I am mentoring several apprentices to learn my trade and hopefully expand on it.

Q: Why do you think that natural health is so important in the times and culture we live in in this day and age? 

A: In 1977 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and she underwent a radical mastectomy that left her severely disfigured. She was then told to get her affairs together because she was going to die. My father, who I consider a very wise man (that also likes to add his two cents-- common & horse sense into conversations), asked my mom "did the doctors tell you you had to die?" This got my mom's Okie blood boiling and she searched for a way to prove them wrong. She did and lived till 80, almost 40 years after her fatal diagnosis. She taught me about nature and how God has a natural pharmacy. It's up to us to use it to live and not the pharmaceutical companies' poisons. I have gone to God's pharmacy ever since. Nature has all the healing, growing, and detoxing properties that mammals need to live long and healthy. I say mammals because our pets mimic their owners in health problems too. If we are going to survive the future of chemicals and drugs society, we need to learn more about the vegetables, fruits and herbs we have and depend on that knowledge and not big Pharma.

Q: We know you have been known as the holistic plumber. Can you tell the readers about the meaning of this and the importance of digesting your food and assimilating it. How does digestion correlate with common illnesses and diseases? 

A: I worked my way through college as a plumber. During one of my classes on nutrition, I noticed that the students didn't get the whole digestive system. I also was not keeping my subject sweet and simple. I had an "ah-ha" moment and compared our digestive system to plumbing. We need our piping to be closed and tight with a good flow through our  35' of tubing from our mouth to our anus. The bottom line is we need to chew our food in our mouth, digest it in the stomach, assimilate it in the small intestine and eliminate it in the large intestine, thus giving us the Las Vegas slogan that a "Royal Flush Always Beats a Full House." With that visual the class got it and Dr. Whitman referred to me as his Holistic Plumber. I like the nickname and my business is called The Holistic Plumber. It is important to note that 80% of your immune system, and the serotonin to help you sleep, comes from a healthy gut. 60% of your brain cells come from a healthy gut too.

Q: What tools have you found most helpful in helping others understand what is going on with their body? We know you have found great benefits in using a microscope in working with others. Could you share a bit about that? 

A: When I got into the health field I was taught by Dr. Jensen the art of iridology and I used that technique for years. Then I met Dr. Jed Adamson who was a microscopist and I fell in love with the microscope. Since I understood iridology, the oxidation testing was easy, because the way I look at the coagulated blood was a lot like looking at the iris. I learned reams testing of the urine and saliva from Dr. Whitman. He was very good at reading the formula (CS + 1.5 6.4/6.4 6-7C .04M 3/3 = pH) Which is not an algebraic formula. The CS stands for common sense and the pH stands for perfect health. So basically if your sugars, urine and saliva pH, salts, debris, nitrates and ammonia are in balance then you have perfect health. When I do an assessment I use all of these assessments to find the root cause of your dis-ease.

Q: What does being “healthy" and living a "wholistic" lifestyle mean to you? 

A: With all the man-made stuff we are being bombarded with such as chemicals being sprayed in the atmosphere and on our food, now most of what is grown in modern farming is void of nutrients, so we need to be vigilant in choosing the right food and water we consume. That is living a healthy lifestyle. Add proper rest, exercise, expanding our minds with good information and purifying our spiritual attitude-- this is the wholistic lifestyle I work toward every day.

Q: Why do you think that natural health is so important in the times and culture we live in in this day and age? 

A: I don't know about you, but I want to live a healthy body, mind, spirit life every day so that I can enjoy all that God has created for all of us. I want to be healthy to go camping with my boys and grandsons who are scouts, to last all day with my wife, daughters and granddaughters at the mall. With all the food being adulterated, many people are dying of heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, etc. It is important to stay and live healthy everyday.

Q: We have yet to talk about Healing Emotions on our blog and the role that emotions play in our physical health, but could you give the readers a short overview on that and your experience with that in working with others? 

A: When I started with the health business, I didn't think emotions were important. I was always taught to cowboy up and get on with business. However, over 20 years of doing this I realized Emotions have everything to do with the overall health of a person. Our emotions control everything we do. Once I realized this and did the emotional release technique I have created, people were able to "Forgive and Forget and not Live and Regret." The burdens we carry are either from generational influences or events that occurred to us over our lifetime. They need to be released so one can move forward.

Q: Since emotions play such a high role in our overall health, what are ways to keep our emotions and stress levels under control and keep ourselves healthy emotionally? 

A: Something I learned from my dad was "if you're going to pray don't worry and if you're going to worry don't pray." I live this all the time. At night I give all my worries to God and sleep well, and in the morning I handle the worries of the new day until night when I pray again. Also, forgiving is powerful. I am a Vietnam veteran and many of my fellow vets saw a lot of stuff in combat. So many can't move forward. Those who let me counsel them and do the emotional release technique seem to move on. Many combat vets understand the emotional stress of combat and some get stuck and go forward. This is why I develeoped this technique. The technique isn't just for military personnel but for anyone who has experienced trauma of any kind.

Q: Being that our blog has focused on Candida before, what are some highlights of your experience with or knowledge of candida? What are some things that the general public do not know and why is it important to know? 

A: Ah the "C" word. To me candida is the cause of most dis-ease out there. I believe candida is the cause of skin problems, auto-immune disorders, infertility, etc. The first two fighters in the battle of candida are probiotics and a good multi-enzyme. Avoid unhealthy carbs, sugar, and high-fructose foods. Sugar feeds the Candida or the "yeasty beasties" as I call them. Google the word Candida and you will have a list as long as your arm of all the symptoms. The yeasty beasties are a big part of my business.

Q: Our interview is over. Thank you so much for giving your time to let us all get to know you and your passion more. Is there anything else in closing you would like to mention or add to the readers? Thank you so much! 
A: To summarize my business: Candida is very big in America and it will affect your health in so many ways. The second thing I see is unforgiving emotitions. This is as unhealthy as you drinking poison and expecting the person who wronged you to die. It isn't going to happen. Lastly we need to laugh more. It's good for the immune system and the elimination system.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Dr. Shumway a little more. As wonderful as these interviews are, they are not comprehensive as time and space would not allow for that. Dr. Shumway is much  more qualified and knowledgeable than we would ever be able to articulate on this interview. He has helped so many people with various issues in their body. When my grandfather was very ill, Dr. Shumway was already willing and ready to help with his health issues that arose, and he always had a full-length practical and knowledgable answer ready to give me. I'm so thankful that you get to see some of his heart and some of his experiences with natural health. We are so privileged to have people like him go before us that we can learn from and glean from some of their knowledge. He has written books on the things he merely touched on in this interview. If you would like to see some more of his work you can contact him at: You can also view his website

If you would like to see him and book an appointment with him when he comes to New Orleans, you can contact me at: I can set up a time for you to meet with him. This is a wonderful and rare opportunity we have to utilize his expertise.

P.S. You can find the rest of this week's posts on herbs here: Monday: Planting Herbs 101, Tuesday's: Herb Boot Camp with Dr. Phil Fritchey (another CNHP professor), Thursday's: Parsley Chimichurri Recipe, and Friday's post with a little video on herbs from Ben. 

Disclaimer: PRTLIVING (and all of those feature and interviewed) is limited to providing self-help education in natural health matters and advocating of a healthy lifestyle. If you have a medical problem, please seek the advice of your medical doctor. 
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