Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meet Dr. Lee Ann Herfort Chiropractor/ Real People Wednesdays

What a beautiful day! We have been having some intense weather  this week. It went from 50 degrees to almost 90 degrees in the course of one week. We just love to ride that roller coaster up here in the North. I was so happy that Danielle took the reins yesterday and posted something so off of our normal schedule. I have to tell you blogging everyday can get a bit crazy when its mixed in with the chaos of the everyday. I had mentioned before that I work at a restaurant and it can get a bit tricky to know when I will get a free moment. That all being said, It looked like Danielle had a wonderful Memorial Day with her family. I spent some lovely quality time with my family and my boyfriend this weekend. David and I catered a party that he hosted as a farewell to the house he grew up in. It was a wonderful party and a lot of people showed up to raise a glass to "Tyler" (cute little nickname for the pretty amazing mid century home)- including my mom and her entourage. My family has a great sense of humor and they thought it might be fun to crash the party and see how many different shades of red they could get me to turn. It ended up being really sweet and David's mom and my mother seem to really hit it off.

Now that I went on that big tangent I will get down to business. Today I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce you to my mother. She has been a chiropractor and owned her own practice for 30 years. She is one of the reasons I have such a strong head for things holistic and both Danielle and I find chiropractics to be a very vital part of healthy living. It is hard for me to think of a life that wasn't focused around chiro care- my dad and step mom are chiropractors as well so I have always been treated bio-mechanically for all my ailments. My mom is not only a wonderful chiropractor (I swear she has healing hands its spectacular) but she is also a wonderful mother, a helpful daughter, a supportive sister and a loving wife. We have a big chaotic social family but she has been great at juggling her professional and personal life- it does not amaze me how much she has accomplished in her life. My mom owns a lovely clinic in Minneapolis called South Side Chiropractic. It is located on 5536 Chicago Ave S. She has spent many years as a solo practice owner but now employees three other chiropractors that have begun to bring some really fun and interesting new ideas to her office. Please enjoy and let me know if you have any other questions about chiropractics. 

1. Tell us a little about yourself and why you decided to become a chiropractor.

I was a dental assistant and knew I wanted to be more involved in the process. I went back to college to become a dentist. Somehow I took a right turn and looked at Chiropractic. I was drawn to the small private medical setting and I knew several chiropractors in a family from my home town. The fact that the school was close was also a part of my decision. The interesting this is that I had never been adjusted before I started Chiropractic College.

2. What does a Chiropractor Do?

Your body has an innate sense of being in balance. Often times the things that we do such as work, sports, and just sitting for long periods of time can cause interferences to that balance. Chiropractors adjust the body to remove them and allow your body to return to balance.

3. Why is chiropractic so important for the body?

It is one of the only ways to influence the central nervous system without drugs or surgery. We balance the energy in the body similarly to acupuncture. We also have a strong background in muscle balancing and nutrition.

4. What is your practice like and what do you do that might be more unique than other chiropractors?

My practice is very personal, we get to know our patients well and we listen carefully to tailor our care to fit their needs and goals. Patients often say that our offices, "Feels like coming home." I am also a teaching clinic. I have interns that rotate into my clinic. I am able to further their understanding of working in the field and they always bring new concepts and the latest research into my clinic. It ends up being a really exciting collaboration.

5. What is your favorite thing about being a chiropractor?

Being able to touch people both physically and in their hearts. Sometimes there are amazing results with chiropractic manipulation. We call them "Chiropractic Miracles". It can change the course of lives. I believe that diagnosing issues with my hands is the most important thing and it is a skill that one develops. I think most people have it but don't know that they can tap into it. For me it is automatic and essential.

6. What are some of the other things that chiropractors might help that others might not know?

We treat many issues: Headaches, ear infections- I have kept many children from surgery to implant tubes in the ear  drum. We treat intestinal issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and hiatal hernias. Many of the bodies systems can be influenced or resolved with bio-mechanical work- this can include anything from stress to helping your immune system. We also treat every joint in the body including knees, hips, ankles and shoulders. I do a lot of work on wrists and forearms due to computer work and smart phones. Tech neck is another common problem.

7. Do you work with other Modalities?

I work very closely with massage therapists. The work they do is essential to achieving and maintaining the adjustments and process that I attain for my patients. I also recommend acupuncture which is an excellent adjunctive therapy with chiropractic. It utilizes a very similar philosophy of body balancing.

8. Was there any point in which you felt regret towards steering away from dentistry?

I am glad I got turned towards chiropractic it has been fun and exciting. I feel that my mission in life is to employ people. I have a busy office and my employees are the heart of the practice. I really never wanted to run a solo practice and I feel lucky to have such wonderful doctors, chiropractic assistants, massage therapists and office staff. It has made for a lovely career in helping people to feel their best. 

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