Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy 1 Month!

Happy First Month, Little Blog! 

Another week has gone by and this actually marks a full month of our blog being live! One month of writing, cooking, traveling, cleansing, gardening, and learning.  We definitely don't claim to be experts on healthy living and this blog isn't meant to show-case our expertise or how healthy we are, but mainly to just be a space where we can share our journeys with natural health and living and where we can learn. That's why we love it when we get questions from readers.
It forces us to research and ask questions to experts that we otherwise might not ask. I have to say, it's crazy that we have already finished one month of blogging. I tried to write a blog for years and I never made it past a few posts without getting discouraged by my own fears and doubts (what will I say, do I even have anything to write, who will listen, etc) or just plain lack of motivation. My friend Asharae wrote a wonderful post on that this week. I have to say though, writing this blog with Laura has made it a lot easier to stay committed. I'm also very passionate about what we are writing about so that makes it doubly fun. I can't thank you readers enough! We have gotten some great feedback and I hope this little space of ours continue to grow and form into its own. If you feel so inclined please share our blog with your friends and family!

For the anniversary of our first month being well underway, and because this week's topic is "God's natural pharmacy" as Dr. Shumway called it (i.e. herbs),  I thought I would post a little video of my husband Ben. We went out the other night (of course not really the best time to go foraging) to see what herbs and onions and berries we could find right by our house. I decided to take a video or two of him while we were walking. 

Then there is this one below where I asked him a few questions once we got back home.

Being that it's Friday and we usually either post some recent links from the web or some of our favorite resources I wanted to also post my favorite sources for buying dried herbs in bulk. You can get better prices for bulk herbs, spices, and even salts, and you know I'm all about saving money where I can. These two sources are also extremely exceptional-high-quality companies. The first is Frontier. The second is Mountain Rose.  These two companies have some of the most unique finds and just really good info. on all things herbs. You can buy dried herbs to make your own tea blends as Ben and I did, or you can buy some tea blends they have already made. I can't recommend these two companies enough as it is a lot cheaper in the end to place an order than just buy little things here and there at Whole Foods for example. I do love my Whole Foods of course too! 

Next week we are going to be continuing with herbs and focusing on the spices commonly used in cooking. We have a special interview coming up with Gray Duck Chai where we will also be doing a giveaway! Our very first giveaway! So stay tuned and keep coming back! Thank you so, so much! 


P.S. To see all of the posts in this week's series on herbs you can view them here: Monday: Planting Herbs 101, Tuesday: Herb Making Boot Camp, Wednesday: Meet Naturopath, Dr. Shumway, and Thursday: Parsley Chimichurri Recipe

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