Friday, May 2, 2014

California Favorites & A Little End Of The Week Self Reflection

Happy Friday Readers! 

TGIF, right?! I don't know about ya'lls' weeks but I have had a crazy week and it seems I am going to have an even busier weekend. I feel like I've been in constant transition lately traveling back and fourth and all over. Ever since my grandfather got sick it has been one thing after another for my little family. My husband and I live in Georgia most of the time, but when my grandfather got ill I went to New Orleans to take care of him and then go through the process of him passing away and all that entails. Since that happened my husband got called off with the Army and then in the month of May we have always had a few things planned for months and months. So it kind of feels like everything colliding at once.  Even though there have been gorgeous days of traveling, traveling is not always bells and whistles as Mara and Danny wrote about in a great little post on traveling with your spouse that I adored. I haven't been traveling with my spouse, but the points apply just as well. I have definitely done things during this busy time to help me stay grounded and centered and to try not to let the inconsistencies and busyness and lack of routine drain me. Raw green juices, epsom salt baths, drinking water, and my mason jars are so, so helpful to me. Thankfully, in California raw, organic juices you can find just about on every street! I also have tried every day to have a moment to sit and pray and purposefully go over and over all that I'm thankful for. I love praying and I also find I have to be mindful about setting aside a time to just be thankful again and again in my mind. I end up loving that time during the day. It helps me so much. I feel I've had a full-- and crazy in some ways-- few weeks but I'm so very thankful for all of the experiences and random encounters I've had. I've also loved the random friend time I've gotten to get in with my friends. If you follow our instagram account / @prtliving / then you know one of those places I've been to in the last few weeks is California. I took a spontaneous trip with my mom as a time to rest and also to pursue some business opportunities. It was a lovely trip and I wanted to share with ya'll some of the gorgeous little places I went to. Of course, I went to a few farmer's markets while I was there. One day I went to two in one day. I'm a sucker for those good farmer's markets, and especially ones overlooking the ocean! Anyway, below are some of my top favorite places I would recommend to anyone to visit. 

Bloom / Encinitas / CA

1. First off, is Bloom in Encinitas, CA. Bloom is a Naturopathic Boutique Medical Center founded by Dr. Amanda M. Ward, N.D. My mom's friend took my mom and I there while we were visiting her. Clients just stop in and out to get shots of homeopathics or herbs or vitamins and minerals. You can go in for a quick treatment or you can go in for testing where they test your blood and run multiple tests on you. They also sell a lot of naturopathic over the counter products, including essential oils. If I lived near Bloom, I would definitely be stopping in frequently. It's a great place to go in and learn if you are at all interested in natural health. There are a few videos on their website if you are interested in learning more about it! 

Bobboi's Natural Gelato / La Jolla / CA

2. Bobboi's Natural Gelato in La Jolla. This little gem could not be more adorable. I was completely smitten. I just so happened to be craving gelato and wanted some while I went to see the sea lions on the beach that La Jolla is known for. I don't usually crave anything anymore, so I was happy to oblige myself and find some gelato. I saw one place that wasn't really my style so I decided to keep walking down the street and I ran across Bobboi's. I ended up talking to the owner who is from Italy for a long while. He told me all about his previous career and how he decided to do an organic gelato shoppe with some lifestyle changes he made. He was a sweet man with a thick Italian accent who was handing over taste after taste of different flavors. Definitely my kind of place! I also was so impressed that he gets all of his ingredients for his gelato flavors from local organic farms and farmer's markets. He said it's definitely worth it and it makes a huge difference in the taste. I loved all of his flavors that I tasted, but I think the ones that still stick in my mind are his Polenta and Orange Cake gelato and his vanilla. It's so hard to make a memorable vanilla and I definitely appreciate when you come across a vanilla that is divine and just as good as the other flavors. 

I must say this was some of the best gelatos I've ever had. 

P/C / Los Angeles / CA

3. Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles, Ca. Ya'll, I can't even. This place. First things first-- this is an all vegan restaurant. So yes, no meat and no dairy whatsoever. They also have so, so many gluten free options. That being said, the meal we had at this restaurant was my very most favorite meal I had the whole time we were in California, and probably one of the best meals I've ever had in my life. I was not expecting this at all! I had heard about this place multiple times. A lot of celebrities spend birthdays there. It's Ellen Degeneres and Portia's favorite restaurant. It's definitely talked about a lot. My husband Ben made reservations for us there a year ago while we were in LA, but we never went. My mom and I happened to  be shopping at some vintage stores on the same street of the restaurant, so we decided to stop in. We ended up waiting for a seat for almost an hour, but by the time we went in and saw the food coming from the kitchen and smelled how amazing it was, we were determined to wait until they had a spot for us. I wish I had pictures to show all of you of what we ordered. My phone was dead most of the trip and finding outlets to try to plug it into while being on the go wasn't working out for me so well. I'm glad I won't need the pictures to remember anything about what I ate there. One of the dishes we had was "Calamari" which was made out of hearts of palm. I really have to say this was one of the best meals I've ever had, and I know that sounds crazy and you're probably thinking it's just because I'm a crazy health nut. But no no... even meat eating men were in the restaurant saying the same thing. They also care very much about sourcing their ingredients from quality places. It was superb!

Okay, so this last link is not about California. I feel like I always have one link that is somewhat unrelated to the Friday post. However, I did think this is so interesting and wanted to pass this link along. It's not every day that a top hospital opens up to the use of herbs as treatments!

P.S. Did  ya'll see Laura's Candida Friendly Recipes she posted yesterday? I can't wait to try some of them!
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