Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, Readers! 

Laura and I survived our first week of blogging! Ya'll will hear from Laura on Monday and you can read her post on allergies and natural remedies. She's cute!  It's been a bit more time consuming than I envisioned, but definitely more enjoyable. I am really loving connecting with new people, bloggers, and instagram-ers. What do ya'll have planned for Easter weekend? We usually spend Easter in New Orleans with my family and enjoy a Good Friday brunch filled with eggs and ramps, crepes (such as the picture above), and mimosas. The kale salad could even be a fun addition. Then we have a crawfish boil and homemade strawberry shortcake on Easter day. What's not to love?! I really do adore holidays of good food and lounging around with people I love most. 

Here are some links from the web this week all in light of Easter this weekend-

Dying eggs for Easter? I've thought of doing this with the red and yellow beets, but they do a very easy dye with fresh red cabbage. 

This is a throw together "recipe" for utilizing those hard boiled eggs / sort of like an Easter version of a cheese board. Everyone needs one of those where little cooking is involved, but it makes for a great presentation / 

These delightful little French cheese puffs with Vermont Creamery goat cheese look adorable and seem easy to make.  / Many people with allergies to dairy can consume goat milk and cheese with no problem at all. /  They also make for quite an impressive presentation!  

This gal has two recipes for Easter treats I've been eyeing. One is a whole foods version of Cadbury Eggs. The other is a whole foods, clean eating recipe for peanut butter eggs. / Both of these recipes are vegan and paleo friendly /

Okay, so this link is not related to Easter whatsoever. I mean any holiday provides more time to relax, so you could say the reminder is useful. I just loved reading this post from my dear friend

happy easter, friends! 

P.S. To read all of the posts from this week you can find them here: Monday's Welcome Post, Tuesday's amazing Kale Salad Recipe, Wednesday's wonderful interview,  and Thursday's Recipe for the easiest Hard Boiled Eggs you will ever make in your life.
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