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Common Symptoms of Dehydration & Why You Should Drink More Water

Good Afternoon, Readers! 

I often hear from people that they want to be healthy, but they don't have the money to buy organic produce or a lot of resources. I probably hear that at least once a week. I definitely understand the sentiment, but I want to make sure everyone knows no matter how much money you have to spend and how many resources you have to help your health, there are things you can do right now with what you have at your house, even without spending one penny. Honestly, the most important thing you can do to live a wholistic lifestyle and be well is to drink good water every day-- and that's something you already have at your home right now!

I honestly feel so hesitant to write this post and go on a long spiel of why we should drink more water and how we aren't drinking enough, because I find it’s one of those things like exercising— we know we should do it but we just don't feel like hearing about it because as much as we would love to we just don’t. As much as this topic seems self explanatory, I've come to realize it's not. Water is probably the single most important ingredient for our bodies to obtain for being and living well. The lack of it is also probably the cause of more illnesses and diseases than we could ever truly imagine. Adequate amounts of water are paramount for the kidneys to function, and in turn all organs really. It's invaluable in releasing any forms of waste. The most essential ingredient for brain function is water. It's the main ingredient needed for skin health. It's also crucial for hydrating cells and getting and receiving enough oxygen to breathe. This also has to do with what we talked about yesterday-- allergies. If the body is not getting enough H2O, it won't your body will not be able to get oxygen to your body where it needs it. Basically, not getting enough water causes a myriad of negative things such as constipation, skin rashes, acne, heartburn, low immune system (getting sick often), malnourishment, allergies, hormone imbalances, PMS, depression, inability to loose weight, hair loss, sleeplessness, asthma, headaches, the flu, infertility, ADHD, ADD, and even anxiety! Actually, one of the main contributing factors of fatigue and anxiety is a lack of water. 

A Little Background on My Relationship with Drinking Water: 

Before I was even fully committed to this wholistic lifestyle, I was reading a random article about a make up blogger who decided to commit to drinking 8 cups of water a day for 2 weeks. She did it as an experiment to see how it would affect the beauty and health of her skin, and after the two weeks her skin looked drastically different. I thought that if her skin looked that differently, I couldn't imagine what good it could do for the inside of your body and all of its' organs. This happened around the time that whole 30’s were becoming a thing and 20 day sugar detoxes were popular. I wasn't as much into those since I like to focus on my lifestyle as a whole and not just small chunks of time; however, I did think it was a feasible to commit to doing anything for 20 days, and why not make sure I was getting enough water for those twenty days-- since I wanted that to be a part of my lifestyle anyway? So I did, and I saw so many drastic changes in my overall health and well-being that I decided to keep drinking adequate amounts even after the 20 days. Even my levels of anxiety during the day were drastically different. It was insane— in a good way. Drinking water did not fix everything going on in my body, but I did quickly realize that trying to do any other thing without drinking water was not working for me. Water was and is so essential to my well being that it is crazy to me sometimes! 

The only problem in all of this was the inconvenience of it. I had to find a way that made it easier to track how much water I was getting, and for it to be easily accessible throughout the day— whatever my schedule entailed. I tended to loose track of how many cups I was drinking and I even tended to loose track of the cups themselves and I would get confused with how much I really drank. I found an amazing solution for this dilemma that I will share with ya'll on Thursday! 

A few helpful facts for your drinking please- 

-Just because you've heard 8 cups of water a day ten thousand times, does not mean that 8 cups is the number you should be drinking. A quick and easy way to determine a good number for you is to divide how many pounds you weigh in half and that is how much you should drink in ounces. So if you weigh 200 pounds divide it in half and you would get 100. Then you should drink 100 ounces of water a day. There are 8 ounces in a cup. So then you would divide 100 by 8. I realize it’s a lot of math for a Tuesday morning, but a calculator always works well. If your calculation ends up with a high number of needed ounces for your body weight, it's best to start with drinking 7 cups a day and you can work up from there. 

-It is best not to drown yourself with tons of water at once, but rather to drink here and there over a period of a time. A good rule of thumb would be to drink 5 ounces every half hour. Obviously that would be different for everyone depending on how much you need in one day, but that’s a really good starting place. I used to drink a cup or two of water on average every day and then at night I would realize I hadn't drank much water and then I would just drink a cup or two all at once out of guilt. That is not ideal, and it's not a good way for your body to ingest all of the water in order to best do its' job.  It’s better than nothing, but it’s generally best to drink a healthy amount over the course of your day intermittently. 

-Usually people drink while eating. It’s better to drink your water ten to thirty minutes before you eat, and then refrain right before and during the meal. If you absolutely need water during your meal to be able to swallow then that is a sign of mineral deficiency and often a lack of digesting carbs or fat. We will talk more about that later, but if you have any questions on that specifically, feel free to email us.  

- Kids who are diagnosed with ADHD and ADD are most often also dehydrated. A lot of times those kids drink a lot of milk and they don't drink as much water. Make sure they get adequate water everyday and often times their symptoms will decrease. / Citrus essential oils also help with this as well /  

-I usually drink room temperature filtered water for most of my consumption, but I like to drink at least one glass of ice cold water a day. It seems to stimulate me and give me energy. 

-Many times we can be drinking enough water, but the nutrients are not getting delivered to all of our cells. If you are drinking a high amount of water (which usually not that many people are really) but you are still having affects of dehydration, you may want to consider adding some "Cell Food" to your water intake. I have started doing this and have seen amazing results. Now, I don't go a day without it! 

-Depending on your preference for water, there are many types of water people choose to drink. In the future I will do a post highlighting the different types. For now, I recommend any type of filtered water, spring water, and distilled. Just don't drink tap water for your water consumption. 

P.S. Check back tomorrow where you can find Dehydration Part II and the most helpful tip that I have ever found that has helped me keep track of how much water I drink and how I can drink enough. This was definitely a game changer for me.

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