Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Welcome to our Readers

Public Market Seattle, 
Good Morning!

We are so excited to embark on this journey with all of you. We have been working so hard to get to this point and hope that all of you will enjoy all of this as much as we will. 

We have been collaborating on some of the topics we would like to touch on first but as our blog grows we would be delighted to take on some of the issues you would like us to explore.

I wanted to take the time to start by introducing Danielle and myself. I know that we have written a short, "About Us" page but I felt it was necessary for you to understand how two women from across the United States decided to team up to create this blog.

I think the only way I can explain is to start from the beginning. Both Danielle and I have been extremely passionate in respect to food and the culinary arts. From young ages we have had strong family influences that helped mold our attitudes towards cuisine. 

When I was fifteen I got my first job as an ice cream scoop and ever since have not left the industry. I spent time as a pastry chef and line cook. I also went to school for nutrition but always felt like there was some disconnect between the two fields. I grew up in a household of Chiropractors and learned from the get go that the body, mind and spirit need a certain balance to stay healthy. I have been working as a restaurant manager for the past three years and as much as I am wonderful at my job I have been struck with a fever that has been pushing me towards the natural sphere. About six months ago I met a natural path doctor who introduced me to the college of CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professionals). In January I took a giant leap and attended a nine day certification course in Vegas. 

Danielle enjoying the finer things in the Hotel Orleans
While in Vegas I met Danielle. She had the same amazing food! Staying in The Orleans hotel we quickly concluded we would not have that luxury. After nine days of intense education we left with not only so much new information that it was pouring out of our ears, eyes and mouths, but also a strong friendship. We have both felt that ever since we haven't been able to keep our mouths shut! But as we reflected we realized there was still so much more we needed to learn. 

On Danielle's return to Georgia she was quickly informed of her grandfather's poor state of being. He was fading before her eyes. He was diagnosed with Leukemia after months of struggling with illness. She and her husband Ben teamed up to pour over all of the books that we brought home after graduation. She spent countless hours in co-ops, online and just investigating what she could do to help revive the man that had played such an essential part in her life. As she continued to fight for her grandpa, word got out that her endeavors were successful. People started to come out of the wood work. Everyday since, there hasn't been a day she isn't approached by people who want her to educate them on the steps to a wholistic lifestyle.

We have been in contact ever since Vegas and felt to better ourselves and the others around us we needed to unite to create a place that people can come to find everything they need to lead natural lives. We want to touch on EVERYTHING, from glass jars to fatigue... You name it we will turn it inside out!
Laura and her inspiring family

I haven't gotten to the best part... We want this to be an interactive experience. You get to help us choose where we go next. The more vocal you are the more information you will receive. Let us know! Give us your honest opinion and don't hesitate to scrutinize. We are always open for constructive criticism and we demand you reach out. 

We look forward to providing you with a place for growth and discovery. Please explore and we hope to hear from you all soon!

Best Regards,

Update: Since writing this first post we have also wrote about two of the professors we had during our time in Las Vegas. You can see the post about Dr. Phil Fritchey here, and the post about Dr. Shumway here. It has been amazing to learn from them even more since our trip to Vegas. You can also read more about our author Laura in her interview here and more about our other author Danielle in her interview here. Thank you readers! 

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